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iTokri is a brand that needs to introduction. I remember I was in college when I first came across iTokri while randomly surfing the internet. Note that it was a time when online shopping was still at a nascent stage. I wanted to badly buy that kurti from them, but was apprehensive thinking if the product will be good, if I could trust them, what if the kurti don’t reach me, and all these thoughts just made me held my horses. Still, my best friend and I, we used to spend hours hovering over their website discussing their products. We were in awe thinking that how can a website store everything, from all the nooks and corners of India. From Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, from Gujrat in the west to Assam on the east, iTokri seemed to have the vision of bringing India close and world closer, so that we could get every little thing that you want to have without any hassle and without actually having to travel to those places. My wish to place an order with them kept on increasing and I couldn’t hold those horses for long and placed my first iTokri order. (Shhh!! The people in my home still don’t know). We humans tend to remember the exact taste, texture, and emotions that were once felt, even after ages and in an exact way I still remember how I felt when I held those kurtis for the first time. Since then iTokri and I have come a long way, I have lost count how many times I have shopped from them; and today a new feather has been added to our e-relationship, my first collaboration with i-Tokri.

iTokri is a brainchild of Jia Pamnani and Nitin Pamnani whose love for handicrafts and handmade products and will to help the artisans of India gave rise to one of India’s leading e-commerce portals. They rejected the glitz and glamour of city life, quitted plush jobs and decided to move back to their roots in Gwalior to embark on a journey that not only changed their lives, but also made a huge impact on the lives of thousands of artisans and other people. The duo travel to different parts of India unveiling fascinating art from each region. They encourage the artisans to partner with them and share their legacy and craftsmanship with the world.

Dive into the beautiful world of Indian art and craft with iTokri’s quintessential products and designs. From clothes to accessories, personal care items to stationary, home décor to kitchenware, they have got you covered. Their carefully curated products are not only beautiful but are also sustainable and functional, and yes 100% made in India!



iTokri is known for their fabrics and clothing line, and talking about fabrics, from casual wear material to wedding wear fabrics, they truly have a vast collection. I have shopped fabric from them innumerable times before and had amazing experiences. But I skipped buying fabric this time as I wanted to try some other products.

So, what were in my shopping box?

Batik Hand Block Printed Pure Cotton Saree:
I love cotton sarees, especially due to their unmatched comfort, texture, breathability and also the versatility. And I don’t think there is a better fabric that can keep you cool and comfortable in the hot and sultry weather. I come from a place which is known for batik-printed textiles. It feels li have worn batiks forever now hence had ordered a cotton batikThis saree from the house of iTokri is a perfect amalgamation of simplicity, comfort, elegance and glamour. The fabric is so soft, gentle on the skin and gives you enough room for air circulation, making it perfect for the long days. Love the color scheme of the saree, it is muted, still turns heads and makes you stand out in the crowd.

PIPAD Handcrafted Quilted and Block Printed Cotton Sling Bag:
It is a simple, lightweight, textured and extremely pretty fabric bag, made from durable natural block printed cotton fabrics. It has a soft foam lining inside and four pockets makes it easy to categorize and carry your essentials.

Handcrafted Patwa Threadwork Wooden Peacock Earrings:
I am in a fun and funky earrings phase and this pair is perfect to elevate my mood and look in no time. It is colorful, pretty and unique. The quality too is top-notch.

Madhubani Handpainted Bookmark:
I love using fun and quirky bookmarks to clip the pages which I want to tag, in order to continue to read for next time. They bring joy and beauty to my reading experience.


Neev Natural Handmade Kesar Gulab Soap:
I love using handmade soaps, because they devoid of harsh chemicals and are more gentle on skin. This is no exception. The soap lathers decently and cleanses well. It doesn’t dry out my skin and keeps in soft and supple. The subtle fragrance lingers which I totally love. 


Handlooms and handicrafts, are two of the most important cottage industries which are providing livelihood to most of rural India. The handloom artisans and craftsmen are a salient section of our society and they enhance our life’s aesthetics by providing us beautifully crafted products. iTokri has successfully bridged the gap between the artisans and customers. I feel delighted in shopping at iTokri and happy too knowing that this is a sustainable initiative and the artisans making these wonderful products, receive a fair share for their time and effort.
It is always a pleasant experience shopping from Itokri, which makes me go back to them time and again. So if you want to experience real India, this is your one-stop destination.


Another thing which is worth mentioning is their thoughtful packaging. The saree came carefully packed in a biodegradable fabric bag, which means it is totally recyclable and if/when discarded it will break down quickly and easily without leaving behind any harmful residue; moreover will add valuable nutrients to the soil. How cool is that! The outer box too is made with recycled paper, so that it doesn’t add load to our mother earth. They stay personally involved throughout to ensure there are zero defects and grievances. Their products are high in quality yet friendly to the pocket. But, the best part is the handwritten note, adding so much warmth to the whole shopping experience. They were sweet enough to add a freebie as well, a cute cotton Ajrakh scrunchy, my day was made.


Before I conclude, I would like to list down a few things from the house of iTokri, which are on my wish-list. And who knows, it might end your gifting woes as well. Gifting is such a beautiful way of making special moments even more memorable, isn’t? But choosing the right gift is a task. So in the upcoming auspicious occasion of Diwali, Dhanteras and Bhai Dooj, if you want to gift your loved one something that they will love and cherish, then go through this list that we have put together for your reckoning, you won’t be disappointed.

Check the best of iTOkri here


1.     Fabrics in different materials, weaves, patterns and prints. I can never get enough of itokri fabrics.

2.     Ajrakh and Kalamkari sarees

3.     Lambani Embroidery Handloom Cotton Kurti and Kurti Fabrics

4.     Dresses, especially those flared natural dyed block printed ones.

5.     Bengal Kantha Embroidery and Sanganeri Printed Stoles

6.     Patchwork Jackets

7.     Shibori, Sanganeri and Crewel Embroidery Cushion Covers

8.     Hand Embroidery Belts

9.     Kutchi Embroidery Bags

10. Madhubani and Gond Paintings

11. Bagru and Dabu Block Printed Cotton Crinkled Long Skirts

12. Aari Embroidery Kashmiri Velvet Pheran

13. Natural Handmade Soaps. Available in gift sets as well.

14. Akola Block Printed Cotton Men Short Kurta

15. Ajrakh Printed Cotton Men Shirts

16. Bindas Naturally Dyed T-shirts

17. Kutch Leather Laptop Bag

18. Natural Attar (Unisex) Perfume Oil

19. Handmade Torans and Hangings

20. Handmade Diyas and Candles


Other than these you can also choose freshly cooked homemade sweets and assorted dry fruits to gift in Diwali and Bhaidooj. You can also opt for personalized e-gift cards to send festive cheers and wishes.

So wait no more. Visit iTokri, now!!!


Sponsored Post. Reviews are authentic and unbiased, as always.
Thank you iTokri and Digiacai for collaborating with us.

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