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I am back, probably after a zillion years and what better way to revive the blog other than to start with my favorite section with my favorite brides?
Today, we have with us the super adorable Sohini Chatterjee, Sohu di as I fondly call her, our MSB Maata J She got married in December 2021, so a lots of tips from the brides to be in the city of joy.

Without wasting anytime, let us welcome her on “BlushingBrides” today.


How did you guys meet?

Well, we met or knew each other through Facebook, specifically through messenger. Around 11 years back, one day I had seen a few messages in my inbox, and one of them was for joining an official FB page called ‘Bandage’ (l, later, came to know that was a mass message sent to many profiles), and that was from a person named Saurav Bhattacharya. Around those days, I was very, very strict in replying to stranger messages, but when I found that it was for an invite for joining the band FB page ‘Mir and Bandage’, I got interested and checked out the profile of the person. I seemed to connect with him somehow and decided to reply; that is how we started the journey of communication that went via Gtalk and FB messenger since there was no Whatsapp those days. After about a month’s talking to each other, one day, he happened to pass by my balcony, and that was totally unplanned or undecided, and thereafter it was almost every day, he would message me (text message to be precise), that he is passing by and I would go to the balcony just to see him for 3 seconds!

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?

In the real sense of “planning”, it was hardly 2 months I think! I have always been a very private person in life. We always wanted a low profile, simple, basic wedding, and a one-day affair. So, on 11th December 2021, we finally got married in a one-day event (no separate reception)!

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories.

My outfit was a red, traditional saree which I bought from Rajgharana, Park Street. The other gold-plated accessories like maangtika, some bangles, nath, ring etc. were from Shree Hari at Gariahat.
Some of my gold jewelry was from Tanishq, PC Chandra, and BC Sen. The veil was from Amazon.
The blouse was stitched beautifully by a NIFT designer and a friend of my friend. Hair color and treatment prior to wedding day was done by Sadique Alam of Hairology Salon and Senior Technical Trainer at Davines India.

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?

Gaaye Holud makeup I did myself. But for the wedding, I did my makeup and hair from none other than my favorite Krishnakoli Mitra Ghosh. I have been very, very particular and specific about how I would want to look! From top to bottom, I had different ideas which were very specific and I had shared everything with her since the time I had my marriage fixed. I had always wanted a very traditional, simple, and old-school Bengali bride look, with a simple shola mukut and aalta. I had wanted my chandan to be minimal in the form of red and white dots only (no kolka). For the hair, I wanted no crimps, no extra volume that looks very OTT (on my face), a simple messy kind of front look with very few lines, and a bun. For the bun, she suggested I use white and red carnation flowers with gypsies. For the eyes, I had wanted a red and gold only halo look, a very simple yet glamorous one. I wanted a good contour. My eyebrows too were very naturally done. I did not even want mehendi (although my mom was very keen on that and went on insisting me ), a simple aalta look was my choice. The bridal mukut too was the smallest and simplest I could get from Shola Ghar. So, these were all my specifications and I was very, very particular about them! For me, looking simple is the key. Simplicity is my funda! And I am so satisfied and happy that Krishnokoli handled it so patiently throughout the studio time I spent with her and listened to all my requirements from A to Z! She did wonderful justice to what I actually wished for on my D-Day (that you can make out from my pictures).


Tell us something about your photographer.

My Wedding was a crisp, close-knit event, as per our choice (my husband and I) and it was a one-day event. But we made sure each moment was captured very emotionally so that we could cherish them lifelong! The photographer was my husband’s choice and one of the favorites in the industry. Ashok Chowdhury photography and his page, Canvas.


Any special moments you want to share with us?

Every moment was special to me, from the time, we decided on the wedding date till the final day. But if I had to choose one single moment, it would be the moment I saw him enter the venue dressed as a groom, after his ‘boron’. I can’t really put into words, how special that moment was for me.

Any advice you want for all the readers out there?

Just that, it is not always a mandate to have all the events, days, or rituals for two persons to be together. It also does not make you out of the box to not have all the days of a typical wedding. When you decide to be together, and you know you have your family, your close friends, and genuine well-wishers with you along, just go ahead with whatever basic rituals you can and save the rest for the entire life together. Opting for such a one-day event really does not hint at anyone’s financial status too!


DeckandDine says:

Well, when its Krishnokoli di behind the brushes and its Sohini di’s face as the canvas, there is nothing much you can say. You just stare in awe. “Ekdam deadly combination” as they say. I totally loved how Sohini di looked on her D-day. She was the perfect amalgamation of grace, elegance, sass, tradition and modernity. Also quite liked the fact that she ditched the archetypal 3-4 days wedding affair and just went with one grand celebration. And I still feel terrible that I was unable to take part in your special day. Missed the chance to see this gorgeous bride in person. Nevermind, my warm wishes are always with you. May you two keep growing in love.

Thank you Sohini di for letting us feature you on our page. Lastly, a very very very happy birthday to you. Heres to another year of love, laughter, happiness, new challenges and adventures. Lots of love to you. 
P.S I still cannot get over this post wedding picture of yours, OMG!


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