Lava Monster Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing great! Halloween is here and today I am back with a super easy Halloween special look. I love playing with makeup and SFX and eagerly wait for this time of the year to channel my inner demons. Last year I couldn’t involve myself in Halloween fun, I was a new mother then. But this year, I didn’t want to miss adding some makeup to the fright night festivities. So here goes the step by step tutorial of the LAVA MONSTER.

This look is pretty easy to create and doesn’t need any hard to get, fancy stuff. You just need some Multani mitti and paint, and of course brushes and sponges to apply the paint.


  • Cover yourself in clay. I chose Multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth). You have to add a really thick layer. Don’t bother about the evenness.

  • Wait for it to dry and crack up. Now this is the hardest part, especially for someone like me who has zero patience. You can take the help of a stand fan or hairdryer to fasten the process. Make sure the cracks are deep. The thicker the layer, the deeper and bigger are the cracks and the better the effect.

  • Now you have to paint the clay and then in between the cracks. I painted the clay portion first and then filled in the cracks, you can do whichever suits you.

  • I took a black oil paint and started dabbing it on the clay portion with a sponge. Be very gentle or you might peel off the flakes. You can go for any oil based paint, because water based paint will dampen the clay and damage it.

  • Once you are done coloring with the black, take an orange color and start filling in the cracks. You can choose acrylic/fabric/oil based colors. At first I thought acrylic and water based colors won’t work, but for filling the cracks, it looked better with the water based colors than the oil based ones.

  • After filling in with the orange, take red and yellow color and add shadows and highlights. This step really enhances the whole look.

  • Now for the eyes. You can go for spooky contact lens or just paint it like I did. Paint a circle with orange paint and apply a black dot in the center for the eye ball.

That’s it. You are a Lava Monster now. I have added two small devil horns, you can absolutely skip adding it; it will look spooky nonetheless. For making the devil horn, I just cut two cardboard pieces to shape, stuck it to a hairband and applied the clay and paint accordingly. I also wore a swimming cap to cover my head and applied the clay to the visible parts. You can directly apply clay to your hair, but there is a risk of your hair getting excessively dry because of the clay. So wear a shower cap or swimming cap to avoid that.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. Do let me know what you feel about it. Pour in your comments. Your words and your encouragement mean a lot to me. Also, you can click HERE to go through my other Halloween Makeup Tutorials.

Thank you again for all the love. Take care.


  1. You have outdone yourself.... I'm speechless

  2. Wow, amazing talent 👏

  3. Incredible. You are your own competition. You beat yourself every year and emerge as a better artist.


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