My Glamm LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick Review and Swatches

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My Glamm has hit the bull’s eye this time with their survey, where you get a free lipstick just by filling out the survey and paying shipping charge of 99 only, basically 395 INR lipsticks in 99 INR only. 

I already had 6 shades from the range, still couldn’t stop myself from getting another one. So here are the swatches and mini reviews of those. But the post would have been incomplete without Sayanti, Disha Di, Payel, Sayani, Ragni, Swati and Taniya's help and swatches of their
MY GLAMM LIT LIQUID LIPSTICKS. I cant thank them enough for this.
So lets get into the details...

The lipstick comes in sleek cylindrical
bottle with white cap which has a long doe-foot applicator attached inside. The doe foot applicator is of decent quality and applies the product easily and evenly. The bottle further comes housed in a box.

My Glamm
has 27 beautiful shades in their LIT Liquid Matte range. From subtle to brights, from reds and browns to shades of pink and purple, they have it all.

The shades we will be covering today are:

CUFFING: A beautiful mulberry shade

BOO: A versatile rose-tinted nude with a coral tinge

MICROCHEATING: A dark brown with olive undertones

SMASH: A warm pale terracotta

GHOSTED: A muted plum shade

CU46: A stunning true red

SLOW FADE: A dark berry shade with brown undertones

SUBMARINING: A berry shade with purple undertones

DTF: A royal purple

DM SLIDE: A Maroon with hints of brown. GORGEOUS!

SUPER SWIPE: My glamm describes the color as Sangria. On me its a simple, but stunning true red.

FBO : A sweet nude pink.

DTR: A dusty rose shade, but looks very bright in real.

SWINGER: A milky caramel brown. Can be a gorgeous nude on medium and dusky skin-toned beauties.

THRIST TRAP: A flamboyant ruby pink.

HOOK UP: A caramel brown


Light, thin and watery and glides on lips like a dream. It settles within seconds and the finish is completely powdery matte. Your lips have to be well-exfoliated or moisturized, otherwise you might find this lip color going patchy after settling or your lips might feel stretchy. Lips have to be WELL PREPPED for that comfortable finish.

Incredibly pigmented. Most of them look gorgeous and opaque with just a single swipe. However look more beautiful and even with the second swipe.
They stay intact till you eat. I wore them for 6-7 hours at stretch and they didn’t budge or fade a bit. However, started vanishing the moment I started eating. They don’t survive meals, not even snacks. The lipstick starts disappearing from the center. You have to watch out for that and remember to reapply thereafter. I would recommend removing it and then applying fresh to avoid patchiness and messiness.

I have extremely dry lips and this is what I do:
I apply a good coat of Boroline almost 10 minutes prior to applying the shade. Then using a wet cotton or cloth, I wipe it off. Again I apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly or lip balm, wait for a minute, lightly bloat the excess and then go on with the lip color. This makes the matte finish a bit more comfortable and my lips don’t feel stretchy or desert like. Once it settles, it becomes totally smudge-proof and transfer proof. But nothing can make the lipsticks survive meals.

This mighty help

Removing is a pain though. Just watch the video below. I used Innisfree Oil Cleanser to remove them. I just dont understand that how a lipstick which is so difficult to remove doesn't even stay for a second when you start eating.


Lets end today's post by quickly summing up the PROS and CONs:

Gorgeous Colors
Beautiful Matte Finish
Beautiful Texture
Glides smoothly on lips
Incredibly pigmented.
Vegan and Cruelty free

Drying. Yes, not as much as the Smudge Me Not range from Sugar Cosmetics, still...its pretty drying.

Not a food friendly lipstick. Absolutely not!
Some may find the long wand applicator difficult to use.

So, basically a decent range of lipsticks. Other than the fact that they don’t survive meals, there is nothing else to absolutely hate about them. I just hope there was a perfect nude or “my lips but better” shade for me in the range. Almost all of their shades look pretty dark or bright on me.


Have you tried any My Glamm LIT Liquid Matte lipstick? How was your experience? Do share with us in the comment section below.


  1. Loved the entire collage of so many vibrant shades ❤️

  2. OMG..lip swatch marathon indeed. I dont think anyone else have so many my glamm lipstick covered in a single post. This is everything . You work really hard and it shows. Keep it up

  3. Wow Madhubani!! Perfectly described & nicely written, as usual.. ❤️
    After reading your detailed review, I'm again planning to buy DM Slide & Slowfade - DM Slide looks beautiful on you.. Lots of love.. ❤️❤️

  4. Wow Madhubani!! Perfectly described & nicely written, as usual.. ❤️
    After reading your detailed review, I'm again planning to buy DM Slide & Slowfade - DM Slide looks beautiful on you.. Lots of love.. ❤️❤️

  5. Wow Madhubani!! Perfectly described & nicely written, as usual.. ❤️
    After reading your detailed review, I'm again planning to buy DM Slide & Slowfade - DM Slide looks beautiful on you.. Lots of love.. ❤️❤️

  6. OMG, so many are stunning - Boo, DM Slide, Swinger & Hook Up are my faves! I love the purple one too!! Great review!

  7. Feels super special to be featured in ur blog.. and u compiled and wrote so well!! I love myglamm 💄 a Lott! Well, about removing, I use Garnier oil based micellar water and it removes easily!!!

  8. I like seeing the shades on different people.

  9. I love how you used different women for many of the different shades! Wish I could wear liquid lipstick on my super dry lips because there were so many beautiful shades

  10. The best swatches for myglamm lit liquid matte lipsticks I have seen so far... I have gone through many YouTube videos to find out which is better...thus one is the best so far.. almost all the shades covered & easy to go through the pictures & decide...thank you so much..!!

  11. Using coconut oil works best for removing these lipstick they disappear as we eat is because they get removed with oils


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