Teal Half-Moon Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Step by Step Pictures

It has been ages since I posted a makeup tutorial on the blog. It has been ages since I did a proper eye makeup look…All thanks to the lock down.

I found this post while just randomly going through the files in my laptop. I created this look some 6 months back, but well, it didn’t happen. Hence… better to be late than never, here comes an easy tutorial on Half-Moon eye makeup.

Half-moon eye makeup had been quite a craze and I have tried these innumerable times…mostly with subtle colors. But today felt like creating something dramatic. 

Here goes the tutorial on my “Teal smoky half-moon”. The look is easy to create, unique and utterly gorgeous at the same time.


1.   Start by grooming your eyebrows. Then apply concealer all over your eye lid and blend well.

2.   With a kajal pencil or an eyeliner brush dipped in gel liner, start creating a line from the middle of your upper lash line. As you reach the end, instead of following the lash line or winging it out, move upwards towards the socket line. Curve the line out, imagining that you are doing a C shape. It doesn’t have to be super neat, you are going to smudge it anyway.

Now taking a smudger-brush, quickly smudge the line out.
ake some black shadow and pack it on the outer corners, just outside the C you created.

5. Now take a brown eye shadow on a fluffy brush and blend the harsh line on crease and outer eye. It should have a gradient effect like we do while doing smokey eyes. The soft transition from black to brown must be visible.

Now take a flat brush, dip in concealer and apply on the lid area, like we do in “cut-crease eye makeup”. Make sure you don’t spoil the C you created.

Now take the eye shadow color of your choice (for me its teal) on your finger tip or on a flat brush and pat it on the lid.

Take a golden liner and define the C you created. You can skip this part, but I feel it takes the look to a different level. You can add a wing liner as well.

Apply kohl on lower lash line and smudge. Apply mascara and that completes your look. Oh! You can apply false lashes as well.

The look is pretty different from regular smoky and cut-crease eye makeup looks. This might look over dramatic and “not fit for outside” as well. But trust me, it looks amazing. You can play with the intensity as per your comfort and you can try this with different color combination as well. Subtle rose gold and burnt brown combination looks amazing. Traditional gold and black looks terrific as well. The look goes well with both western and traditional attire when done in a right way. Just keep playing with your palettes and brushes. 

Time for some pictures :)

Hope you like the look. Let me know your thoughts...


  1. Holy smokes! Your blend game is strong! I love this look so much - that pop of teal is gorgeous on you!

  2. This is soo awesome and you look like a princess❤️❤️❤️

  3. That was a perfect tutorial! you made it look doable!


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