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Hope you remember my last post in the“Tug of War” section, it was in between MAC Mehr and MAC Twig (Click HERE to go through the post), today another lipstick has joined the war and it is said to be a dupe of MAC Mehr and MAC Twig. So can a drugstore lipstick match up to the fame and quality of a MAC lipstick?
Read to find it out…


Lets start with the most obvious difference. Mehr and Twig are from MAC Cosmetics and Touch of Spice is from the house of Maybelline.

MAC Mehr and MAC Twig retail for 1700 INR
Maybelline Touch Of Spice retails for 299 INR
Huge difference as you can see.

MAC Mehr and MAC Twig: .1 oz
Maybelline Touch of Spice: .15 oz

Genuine MAC lipsticks are available only at MAC Stores across the country and at Nykaa and Myntra.
Maybelline lipsticks are available readily and extensively both online and in stores.
Maybelline lipsticks are easily available. From hundreds of online websites to stores in shopping malls or at your locality, they are available everywhere. But it is advisable to buy from Maybelline counters in malls or from websites who are authentic dealers of Maybelline.

MAC Mehr and MAC Twig comes in their traditional black and silver bullets.
Touch of Spice comes housed in a rectangular case with a translucent matte dusty purple cap.
The MAC bullets, though look boring, but are of great quality. You can feel it just by holding it. Maybelline one is amazing as well, especially when you compare it with the price you pay.

MEHR is a dirty pink which sometimes leans cool and sometimes warm depending on light and your skin tone and color. The color suits fair to fair-medium skin tone more and might wash out dusky beauties.
TWIG is a warm rosy pink with subtle brown undertones which looks stunning and universally flattering. I noticed that it pulls browner on fair skin tone and pinker on richer skin tones.
TOUCH OF SPICE is a browny mauve, a lot browner and deeper than Mehr and a tad bit deeper than Twig.

Though the colors are close, the texture is what makes them totally different from each other.
is from MAC’s Matte collection. But Mehr has one of the softest matte textures. Buttery, non-drying and is very easy to apply on lips. The downside is being so creamy it has sheen to it and also isn’t transfer-proof and very long staying. One tip: Apply Mehr, blot it and then layer it up. This way it looks less shiny and lasts longer.
Twig on the other hand is from MAC’s Satin range. But astonishingly the texture is so similar to Mehr. Twig is just a bit glossier. Also, when layered it feels heavier than Mehr.
Touch of Spice is a creamy matte and is similar to Mehr. There is no sheen to the lipstick, which I absolutely love. Another plus point is, it feels lighter than both MAC Twig and Mehr.

All of them are incredibly pigmented and two swipes are enough to cover any lip pigmentation.

Astonishingly, all of them have fairly same staying power. Mehr and Touch of Spice a bit more if blotted when freshly worn.

Mehr was on my wish-list for a pretty long period. I purchased it saving penny from my 500 INR salary while still in college. MAC Twig was a gift from my brother. Maybelline Touch of Spice I bought last year seeing Anubhuti’s review. I got it for my sister-in-law actually, but no point for guessing who wears it more often!
It is really hard for me to choose one over the other, but if I have no option but to choose just one, it will be Mehr. It is such a pretty lip color and has a special place in my heart. I always blot the sheen off with a tissue and it looks prettier. But I also can’t ignore the fact that Touch of Spice is so beautiful, matte, affordable and I need it too.

MAC Mehr
MAC Twig
Maybelline Touch of Spice
Well, this now totally depends on you. If you want something pinker, go for Mehr and if you want something like a dusty pink then SAVE YOURSELF 1400 rupees and go for Touch of Spice instead of Twig. See, I love MAC Twig, no doubt, but Touch of Spice is so close to it that you can easily skip buying Twig and go for Touch of Spice instead. It is a lot cheaper and feels more comfortable than Twig. You can control the intensity easily, wearing with a light hand and blotting for a lighter coverage and layering up for a deeper color pay off. Twig feels heavier and weirder when layered, Touch of Spice doesn't. Also staying power of Touch of Spice is better than Twig. Touch of Spice looks flattering on almost every skin tone and at every age, a very wearable shade I must say.
Plus you get .05oz more product than MAC.
In a nutshell, Touch of Spice is pretty close to both MAC Mehr and MAC Twig, closer to Twig, but texture and finish wise it is better. It comes with a lesser price tag and is more easily available. This is a great option for people who think Mehr washes them out or don’t want to shell out 1700 INR for MAC Twig.

MAC Mehr
MAC Twig
Maybelline Touch of Spice
Hope this comparison will help you in picking up the right lipstick.
Do let me know if you have any of these lipsticks and your thoughts on them.

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  1. The Maybelline is a steal compared to MAC but I like MAC Mehr on you the best.

  2. All of these shades are colors I would totally rock. They are gorgeous! I love Twig as an every day care-free shade. Lovely swatches and comparison.

  3. I know it’s about lipstick but your smoky eye makeup here is so gorgeous

  4. Twig is exactly my kind of shade! I had a similar one from Clinique I wore constantly from 1997-2000.

  5. I've never been sure if I would like Twig on me, so I've avoided buying it due to the cost (not that it is crazy expensive). I appreciate having a more affordable alternative to try out!


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