Colourpop Jelly Much Eye Shadow ORIGAMI Review, Swatches, How to Use and EOTD

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Coming back to today’s topic, it is a review on the much talked about Colourpop Jelly Much Eye shadow ORIGAMI.

When these launched a year back, honestly I wasn’t much interested in the line as they seemed a bit gimmicky to me. But during last Black Friday Sale I saw them at a whopping 70% off and thought of ordering one. I am a big fan of golden eye shadows and hence ordered “ORIGAMI”.
So without wasting anytime further, let us get into those nitty-gritty details…

PRODUCT NAME: ColourPop Cosmetics Jelly Much Shadow Origami.

PRICE: 8$ each
NET WEIGHT: 0.23 oz (6.5 g)

The eye shadow comes in a round plastic jar with a screw lid. The jar is transparent and you see the product inside. There is a stopper inside which you have to “keep”. Make sure you don’t lose it as it might expose the shadow to air. The outer box has all the necessary details mentioned in it.

Origami is a true, bright metallic gold shade. It literally looks and feels like molten gold. It just blew away my mind. 

The shadow has lots of flips, lots of glitters and lots of dimension, which make it look even more gorgeous and very unique than any standard eye shadow. The texture of the eye shadow makes it different from the rest. It has a wet mousse-cream like texture, something I haven’t seen yet in the market yet. The shadow sets fairly fast, so you have to be really quick with your application. Apply on the desired area, grab a brush, swirl over a transition shade and blend it quickly to avoid harsh lines. Because as I said, once it sets, you get a complete smudge-proof, powder finish. 

Crazily pigmented. You will need a tiny amount which means a tub will last you forever. The staying power is incredible too. It won’t budge, move, crease or fade until you use a remover to do so. I have used this on my brides as well. And it survived throughout the Indian Wedding.

The thing I like most about this eye shadow is that it applies as beautifully with a brush as with fingers. Most of the eye shadows I use perform better with fingers than with brushes. But this performs so well with a brush as well. Absolutely amazing! So, use a brush if you want precise application and fingers if you want a quick sweep of colors on your lids.


All over eye shadow: You can use this in the place of your normal gold eye shadow, as an overall lid color complemented by other shades. Just, you have to be quick with the blending.

Liner: A thin stroke of gold eyeliner can take your regular eye makeup to a completely different level. Simple, yet sassy!

Cut Crease and Halo: Cutting the crease and doing halo eye makeup never felt so easy. Just take a small stiff brush. Dip it in the eye shadow and carefully cut your crease. Say goodbye to concealers, powders and to all those elaborate steps. 

Inner corner highlights: Apply on the inner corner, smudge it or keep it as a stark line. I leave the decision up to you.

Lining lower Lash line: A tinge of gold eye shadow on your lower lash line would look amazing. Great to highlight any eye makeup.

As a base: Want your eye shadow to pop up even more? You can use this shadow as a base and pack on powder eye shadow when it’s still wet.

Highlight: Not this particular shade, but the range has other colors which will look amazing as highlighters.

You have to be really fast with the blending. Because once it sets, it wont move.
There is a problem of it drying out over time. So make sure you close the lid tightly each time after taking out the product. If you need more, open it again. The more you will leave the container open, the more is the chances of it getting dried up.

What i like about about ColourPop Cosmetics Jelly Much Shadow Origami:
  • Stunning color.
  • Unique formula
  • Dries down to a powder finish.
  • No fall outs.
  • A tiny amount is needed.
  • No creasing or fading.
  • Incredibly pigmented
  • Stays put all day.
  • Can be applied well with both brushes and fingers.
  • Can be removed easily with the help of a makeup remover.
  • Reasonable.
  • Simple, no fuss packaging.
What I don’t like about ColourPop Cosmetics Jelly Much Shadow Origami:
This is so unique in its own special way. Nowadays, whenever I need a golden eye shadow, my hands automatically reach out to this. I can’t think of a better golden eye shadow with a better formula at a better price other than this one. I would definitely want to check out the other shades from the range. And also would recommend you to do so!


Have you used any of ColourPop’s Jelly Much shadows? Or have you used anything similar to this? Let us know in the comments section below.
Stay safe, everyone. Please adhere to the norms of safety. Abstain from spreading rumours. Take care of yourself and of the people around you.


  1. Terrific post! I have wanted to try these since they launched but never got around to it. I love how you showed all the different ways it can be used. Hope they still make it coz I’ve got to try it now!

  2. WOW girl are you talented! I dont know if I would know how to use this but you've created so many beautiful looks!!

  3. Wow! That shade is so intense! I love the cut crease look you created!!

  4. That's a beautiful color. I never realized how versatile these shadows were.

  5. Wow, that shade is absolutely stunning and you are wearing it so beautifully! Definitely a keeper!

  6. I've not played with jelly ones but this looks amazing!

  7. It's such a gorgeous color!

  8. ahhh you can make me buy any shadow, all you have to do is post a look with it :D loved the green toned gold..i want this now...


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