Chocolate Barfi: Recipe with Step by Step Pictures

I have been working with people from a few of the south east Asian countries for about 8 years now, and amongst the other things they say always complain about the number of holidays we have on account of festivals. Bengalis’ even have a phrase for it “baro mashe tero parbon”, 13 festivals in a 12 month calendar. I am sure other Indian languages do have their phrases. And with such a diverse pallet of cultures on the Indian canvas, each with their own unique twist to the festivities, it’s a spectacle of immense proportions.

Each festival here is associated with a story, a story that essentially tells a tale of triumph of good over evil, light over darkness. Diwali or Deepavali coveys both these messages in their literal sense. In the Eastern part of India we celebrate this occasion both as Deepavali and as Kali Pujo, the later telling the tale of Goddess Kali’s triumphant victories over the Asuras, underlings the fact that a women enraged stops at nothing to vanquish all that threatens her beloved.

Now with all that victory, there ought to be a sweet treat when the warrior comes home. Sweets are an integral part of our food system. They are not mere festival specials but are a part of our daily meals. In fact, ice-cream for dessert is a much modern concept. Back in the day, sweets ruled the roost. Ras Malai, Peda, Rosogolla, Sandesh, Kummayam, Urundai, Halwa, they are all the same, savoury mouthfuls of love.

With time there have been certain changes in our cuisine, we have adapted and integrated many foreign elements into our food. The most fascinating adaptation according to me is chocolate. I do not go sweet binging when I am travelling around India, but Kolkata sweets are definitely my weakness. Chocolate Rosogolla, Chocolate Barfi, Chocolate Sandesh are just a few of the iterations I have found.

Among these, Chocolate Barfi is one of the easiest and quickest sweet dishes you can make this Diwali. The ingredient list is super simple and it takes hardly 10-15 minutes to make.
So without blabbering any further, we present you the recipe of the most lip-smacking Chocolate Barfi.

(For 8 barfis)
1.5 tablespoon Ghee
Half cup milk
Half cup milk powder
Sugar according to taste. If you want, you can use powdered sugar instead of sugar granules.
1.5 tablespoon Cocoa powder
Pistachio, Almonds and Cashew nuts according to your choice. You can add any one, any two or all.
Butter or parchment paper

Heat ghee in a pan. Keep the flame low.
Pour milk in it and add the milk powder as well.

Stir well to avoid lumps. Now add sugar to your taste.

Wait till the sugar melts. Add the cocoa powder and mix well.

Keep stirring on low flame. You will notice that the mixture has started to thicken.

Once it leaves the sides of the pan, switch off the flame.
Grease a container with ghee and line with butter or parchment paper. I would recommend you to take a rectangle or square container so that it becomes easy to spread and then cut into barfis.
Transfer the mixture and spread it evenly.
Garnish with chopped pistachio, almond or cashew nuts. I loaded it with nuts because we like them that way. The quantity depends on you.
Cool at room temperature and let it set. You can also refrigerate to set it quickly.
Once set, take it out and gently peel off the butter or parchment paper.
Cut it into square shapes.

Your chocolate barfi is ready. Enjoy!

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