New Nykaa Luxe Store Kolkata: Top/Best Brands and Products

If you come to my house you will find that it looks less of a house and more of a Nykaa godown. I have been buying from Nykaa for a while like many of you and I think we would unanimously agree that even though we are in love with Nykaa, there always are a few products which we don’t feel so confident about purchasing online without having experiencing them personally.

Ignore the super exhausted face

Gladly, there is a good news for the Kolkata people,
Nykaa has finally opened their Luxe arms for us. I am super elated. Now I don’t have to wait for days to lay my hands on the products I want to buy. I can just go to the store, swatch them, feel them, adore them, apply them and then buy if totally satisfied. No more feeling apprehensive or skeptical, no more passing days and nights thinking about a product, pondering whether it will suit me or not. Bas store mein jane ki der hai…

Talk about spending money, it would have gone to Nykaa’s coffers in any case, was Nykaa online, now it would be the store.

Coming back to today’s post, as Nykaa finally spread its wings to Kolkata, we thought of making a list of products that you can splurge on. You should probably ready your wallet now......

This is undoubtedly the first brand that comes our mind when talking about Nykaa Luxe. From their uber famous eye shadow pallets, false lashes, liquid lipsticks, to their vast range of base products, they have it all here. We all know that Huda Beauty products, especially their eye shadow pallets are pretty heavy on the pockets, and skeptics like me might be wary of buying them online. Well…no more. You can now experience the product first hand before wishing a chunk of your salary goodbye.

They have a few cult favorites which are not so easily available in India otherwise, but courtesy Nykaa Luxe, you can spoil yourselves with them too. Try on their eye shadows, liquid lipsticks and breathtaking range of highlighters.

From make up to skin care, Nykaa most definitely has a plethora of products, a range that goes toe to toe with its competitors. Nykaa with their entire range of products have made it very affordable while maintaining product quality. They have all the things you could possibly want and I have had good experience using Nykaa line of products.

A South Korean based skincare and cosmetic manufacturer, their sheet masks are widely popular. I am a fan of their chia seed and rice water range of products too. The rice water bright cleansing foam was the recipient of Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards last year. Another favorite is their Damyang soothing bamboo gel.

They are a Korean brand recently launched on Nykaa. I have always been a Tony Moly fan and I was beyond happy to have them within my reach. They have an amazing range of sheet masks which you can try.

Another Korean brand who is famous for their skincare products, especially their water sleeping masks.  Their products specializes in water science technology which address skin concerns beautifully.

This brand needs no further introduction. They have an immaculate range of Ayurvedic products which are worth every penny.

Fresh and hot from Dublin, Ireland, they have a huge range of products which are pretty affordable. I just their satin lush foundation which I tried on at the Nykaa Luxe store and liked it, bought it. They have others good stuff too. Their hydra base primer just made it to my wish list. Their liquid lipsticks, eye shadow, nail polish and blush range are commendable. Their triple hyaluronic acid and 100% natural Argan oil are universally loved, you can have go.

A Swedish makeup brand that is reputed for unmatched quality and an especially attractive mineral line. Their “special chrome effect nails within three easy steps” are pretty famous.

Beside these there are other brands available at NYKAA LUXE, like BOBBY BROWN, CLINIQUE, GIVENCHY and ESTEE LAUDER. Their range of perfumes is pretty impressive too with the recent launches from most big brands like GUCCI, TOM FORD, CLAVIN KLIEN, DAVIDOFF, VERSACE, CAROLINA HERERRA and others.

There were a couple of counters still to be unveiled, lets hope we get some more awesome stuff. The prices are same as on Nykaa online…the discounts too.

The cozy corner
The shop assistants were very helpful and unlike most stores were not pestering at all. They gave me good advice and were patient with me while I made up my mind…which takes forever.

They are there to help you with your makeup struggles and will also give you a free makeover every Friday from 4pm—5pm. Yes, you are heard in right. Free makeovers every Friday. If you buy Nykaa products worth Rs 2000 and above, you will get exciting gifts too. Also, you can place pre-orders for any other product on the app that’s missing at the stores.

So if you are a makeup lover as I am, don’t forget to hit the brand new sprawling Nykaa Luxe store as soon as possible. Address and details are given below:

STORE NAME:   Nykaa Luxe

ADDRESS:  Forum Mall, Ground      Floor, Shop 009, opp Starbucks
10/3, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata

CONTACT NUMBER:  03340056397

TIMINGS:  11:00 AM - 9:00 PM


  1. Good to know when I will be traveling overseas!

  2. This is a brand you often write about. Wish we had it here. I'd like to see it in person

  3. Wow this store looks amazing- I hadn't heard of it!

  4. Always nice to see retail stores outside the USA!

  5. What a great store. It would be so much fun to shop there.

  6. Definitely looks like a store I would love!!

  7. Those potted kitties are adorable! I have a soft spot for cute packaging :)

  8. This looks like so much fun! I'm a huge fan of Tony Moly and haven't seen it in stores before!

  9. Looks like a Sephora! I love Tony Moly products, I wish there was a store here dedicated to TM only.


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