The Blushing Bride: Parna Chanda Datta

As the wedding season is going full throttle, we are here with another bride and my favorite section of the blog, “Blushing Brides”, where I feature real life brides and their amazing stories.
They say that marriage is a joint quest for the good, the beautiful and the divine. I absolutely agree, but I also believe that within the quest for the good and beautiful, lies the joy of finding happiness in the differences as well. “Blushing Bride” will always remain my most favorite section of the blog. It gives me immense joy to see the brides beaming with such joy on their special days. The feeling I get while going through their stories, their pictures of blossoming from a girl into a bride is truly overwhelming. And, and it is even more special and emotional when you see two of your school friends getting married to each other. Introducing the bride of the day, “Parna Chanda”. She was in school with me and from the ‘dakabuku’ girl to the beautiful coy bride, the journey is absolutely phenomenal.

Today marks one whole year of their beautiful union. I am sure the first year was magical and the rest will be the same too. Happy anniversary guys.. :-)
So without any further blabbering.. I give you the lovely Parna Chanda Datta to take us through her journey .....

How did you guys meet?
“We were school friends. I used to know him as the guy from football rival section. Years later... on 11th October 2016, Bijoya Dasami night we wished each other ‘Subho Bijoya’ and hit off from there and at the end of that night we knew we are marrying each other. Within one month our families met and the wedding date was finalized...”

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
“1 year approximately.”

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories from?
“I travel a lot due to my work and so does my family and the then fiancé... so we collected sarees from there the places we have been to, example a Sambalpuri silk from Orissa, Mekhla chaddar from Assam, South Indian silk from Bangalore... a Marathi nose ring from Maharashtra. Though my wedding benarasi saree is from Bengal’s traditional shop for wedding - Adi Dhakeshwari Bastralay and a very simple yet trendy lehnga from Rangoli Gariahat. For the groom we picked up the outfits from Manyavar and Raymond Gariahat..

I bought the accessories keeping in mind the sarees... since I also had a budget in mind I tried to buy something that I can mix - match and wear with other sarees as well.”

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
My wedding was in Murshidabad, so I hired Subhra Choudhary from Malda.. I wanted to keep my hair simple and traditional... I passed my requirement to Subhra accordingly and she nailed it.
For all the other occasions, I did my make up myself.”

Tell us something about your photographer.
“I hired a local photographer as for a destination wedding; all the popular ones were out my budget. One tip that I would like to give to other brides who are working with not so trendy photographers - u got to direct them. They know how to take the picture and you just have to direct them, which is not the case with other popular photographers. Thus I had to do a lot of homework.”

Any special moment you want to share with us?
“It is a once in a lifetime event and thus I wanted to enjoy myself the most. I was the person who danced the most on my own wedding, first one to start and last one to finish. At first I got some reactions like “Hey you are the bride you need to be shy…” but later I made them join me on the dance floor. Just be yourself and eventually everyone will accept that if they love you.”

Any advice you want to all the readers out there?
“At first I was tensed about that which all brides are so tensed for on or before their weddings. But later just forgot about it and enjoyed every moment. Thus to all the brides, if you are tensed you are spoiling your own makeup, your own day, enjoy all the moments, they won’t come back again. You should have the more fun on your own wedding than anyone else.”

Deckanddine says:-
Thank you for approaching us and giving us the opportunity to share your story with our readers. You looked incredibly beautiful on your wedding day Parna. I am so glad that the makeup artist didn’t turn you into someone totally different. Love the subtle makeup and of course your choice of sarees. They look very flattering on you.

You and David make a beautiful pair. I wish you two all the happiness in the world. May your love for each other continue to grow all the days of your lives. Stay blessed always

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  1. love this series...another beautiful bride with beautiful emotions :)


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