The Blushing Bride: Atreyee Mukherjee (ONAM)

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I am back with my favorite section “Blushing Brides” and today I am here with one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. The first time I saw her on MSB, I was absolutely dumbfounded. Can anyone look so beautiful and so ethereal on her wedding day? And every time I come across who looks so beautiful on her wedding day reminds me how dinosaur-like I looked on mine. She has something in her eyes, in her smile that can make anyone drool over her. So it is an immense pleasure to feature her on our blog today.

But before I start throwing questions at her, let me introduce this beautiful woman to you. Her name, as you all already know, is Atreyee Mukherjee, nicknamed as "Onam" by her loving dida (grandma), since she was born on the Onam festival (Kerala’s harvest festival day). Born in Kolkata, she later shifted to Mumbai, following her father's transfer of work, that is where she had completed her schooling and graduation. She returned in 2012 and completed her Company Secretaryship from Kolkata, since completion she has been working with a Battery Manufacturing Company here.
When asked about marriage she said, “Last year i.e. 2017 my parents decided that since I had reached a marriageable age, they should consider searching eligible grooms for me. I had a couple of criteria's in my mind for my groom, for example he should stay in Kolkata, since I am a single I have been very attached to my parents and needed to be in the same city as them. Secondly, we feel compatible to each other, like having similar kind of hobbies, values, financial background and of course I should be able to connect with the person mentally. My parents eventually opened an account with "Bharat Matrimony" and then started their search for an eligible groom.”

How did you guys meet?
My mother-in law had contacted my father through the matrimonial site. Soon both the side of the families started interacting with each other, and eventually shared our respective numbers. My husband, Shounak and I started speaking to each other over the phone, after a week of interaction we decided to meet personally. We went to a restaurant named "Aira" at Parkstreet wherein we discussed at length about each other’s preferences, aims, families etc. He then asked me if i would like to see his school which was "St. Xaviers, Parkstreet", we took a stroll around the building wherein he showed me the classrooms where he had studied, the playground, the Principal's office etc. Every time he showed me around his school I could feel the innocence of a child who is still so attached with his Alma Mater. I realized that day he is a very emotional person and the entire time we spent that day gave me a nice positive feeling.
Shounak was the first match for me, and somehow I felt it would work between us. Both of us gave a positive reply to our parents once we came back home, and of course the families were elated.”

"To my parents who left no stone unturned to make these days the most memorable days of my life, my relatives who toiled during these five days"
So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
“We had a courtship which was almost eight months long, so yes I could plan out things for myself during the period. It is important to get a reasonable time as courtship, these are the days that you get to know your partner well over the time, the awkwardness of marring a stranger in an arranged set up reduces a lot if your courtship is long, it gives you time to be personally and physically comfortable.”

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?“My wedding saree was purchased from JAI LAKSHMI HERITAGE. It is a Katan Silk with zardosi embroidery on it. My reception saree was purchased from - INDIAN SILK HOUSE, it is an orange and gold kanjeevaram silk.

The gold jewellery were purchased from Kalyan, Senco and Anjali Jewellers.The mangtika, belt and nath are costume jewellery which I purchased from NEW MARKET, ground floor store. All of these are from "Shree Hari”

The veil was made by my tailor, I got a net which was of a color similar to my saree, got these laces and asked my tailor to stitch the dupatta for me.”

Below is her Mehndi look

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
“The wedding makeup was done by Mr. Ujjaal Debnath, the hair was also taken care by his team.

The reception makeup was done by a family friend of my in-laws.”

Tell us something about your photographer?
“The photographers were "Passionate Photography" they have really done a good job. They were on time for the shoot, professional and extremely courteous. I am indeed impressed with the wedding album made by them.”


Any special moment you want to share with us?
“On our first month anniversary my husband surprised me with a beautiful bunch of roses and card which was delivered to me in my office, we eventually cut a cake and celebrated with our family. It indeed turned out to be a special memory for both of us.”

DECKandDINE says:-
As I said, she is one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. From her drape to the makeup, everything was on point. Ujjwal Debanth is a magician no doubt, with Onam is herself so beautiful and every makeup artists’ dream. I love how she went with a different shade of red benarasi other than the ones we usually see on brides. The idea of going with a tailor made veil is perfect as well. She was glowing and her happiness reflected in her eyes. And as the saying goes, “A happy woman is a beautiful woman”.

Thank you Onam for sharing your story with us. Wishing Sounak and you a lifetime of fun filled moments, love and happiness. God bless..

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