Easy Halloween Zombie NUN Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I would like to apologize to you all for not being regular here, in spite of many of you trying to keep me motivated and make me start writing. I really appreciate that ladies, love you all. I’ll try to be more regular from now on. I love this space and how can I stay away from here for long?! So I am back and back with my favorite makeup tutorial...tan ta naaaaa… Its time for Halloween, which calls for a Halloween makeup J
I didn’t have any plans to do Halloween makeup this year, nor had any plans to do a post regarding it. But I guess God, I mean the Devil was too tired to see me do nothing and when the friendly kicks on my lazy butt weren’t working, he just decided to give a harder blow and that too while I was coming down the stairs. Yes, I slipped and fell down the stairs and hurt my back.  It is bruised and extremely sore. I can’t even sit or lie down; regular walking and moving are simply out of question. So all I can do is stand and walk with a lot of effort. I was just standing in my room, unable to do anything and that’s when it dawned, “Ohh, I can do makeup while standing. That’s how I do my makeup most of the times”. And thus, when it is my favorite Halloween knocking the doors, it has to be a Halloween Makeup.

And this is the result...

An inspired look, though this might seem to be little complicated, is insanely easy. I named it Zombie Nun. Actually I was asked by Pamela di to do a “Nun” makeup tutorial inspired by the movie “The Nun”, but I couldn’t find a white base color which I would have needed. Hence, I thought of turning the “Nun” into a Zombie Nun.

So, lets the tutorial begin…

Gelatin Powder. (Mix it together with water and glycerin in 1:1:1 ratio. Microwave for about 10 seconds, take it out and give it a good stir and then again microwave for another 10 seconds. Repeat this microwave-take out-stir process for a couple of times unless it becomes liquefied to a gooey consistency.)
Fake nails
Black oil or cream based color ( I used Kajal)
Red oil or cream based color ( I used red lipstick)
Liquid Latex (Mine is from Ben Nye)
Fake blood (You can use red food color)
A pair of Zombie contact lenses (Trust me, this makes all the difference)
NUN Costume ( I didn’t want to spend money buying something I probably will never wear again that’s why I made my own. For that you will need a white tshirt, a white scarf/dupatta and a plain black piece of cloth/scarf/dupatta. Mine is a plain black saree with an orange border)
A cross pendant. (I didn’t have one. So cut it out of a cardboard box)

Clean your face so that there is no dirt and oil. (If your skin feels too dry, you can apply a thin layer of moisturizer and then dust loose powder over it. But I wouldn’t recommend using a moisturizer as it can loosen the glue you would be applying.)
Take cotton and glue it on the apples of your cheeks and over your eyebrow area. Adding the cotton will make these areas protrude more and give the face a deep sunken look. Don’t apply glue directly on your eyebrow hair. Apply on the sides and then stick the cotton. It will be best if you can cover the eyebrows well.
For fake teeth I just glued the false nails on my mouth area, just above the upper lip and below the lower lip. After taking the photos I felt I could have cut and shape the acrylic nails to make them look more realistic. You can do that.
Now dip your fingers/ spoon on the liquid gelatin and drip it all over your face except the eye area. Cover the cotton pads as well. Tilt your head accordingly so that the trips can take desired shape. You can use spoon to drip the mixture down or use your fingers to drip, tap and pat sparingly to form falls and textures. This will give a melted, scrappy and gory look. If the gelatin on the bowl starts setting, microwave it for another ten seconds.
Once you have covered all your face, dust some skin colored loose powder to give it the appearance of your own skin.
Now apply black color on your eye area to make it look deep and sunken. Apply black on the mouth and in between the false teeth as well.
Taking the same black color on a small brush, go on the deep and inner most creases and holes formed by the gelatin.
Taking the red color go beside the black and on random creases to accentuate them. Don’t worry about getting perfect. Zombies are better when they are not perfect.
Drop or stipple fake blood on random places, wear the contact lenses, the nun costume, the cross and you are done :D

Wear the white t-shirt and clip it in the back to make it look like a turtle neck.
Tie the white scarf/dupatta around your head.

Finally wear the black scarf/dupatta/cloth as a veil over the white scarf.

Don’t apply glue directly on the eyebrow. If you did by mistake, apply cotton ball dipped in warm water to loosen the glue and then slowly remove it. Don’t peel off; otherwise you might end up pulling out your brow hair.
Gelatin smells horrible.

Gelatin can get messy, more than you can ever imagine. So be prepared.
Wait for the gelatin to cool down a bit before applying. Otherwise you will burn yourself.
Always do patch test before applying the products on your face. Apply the glue, gelatin, blood on your legs or arms to see if you are reacting to anyone of them.
Lastly, while removing, gently peel it off. If it hurts a lot, soak a towel or napkin in warm water, place it on your face and wait for a few minutes. Then peel the gelatin off. It won’t hurt that way.

That is it. Hope you liked the tutorial. Don’t forget to pour in your comments and suggestions.

Also below are the comments I received on my trailer of the look on social media. Thank you… Thank you... Thank you so much. These mean a lot... I am truly overwhelmed.


Time for some behind the sense pictures :D


  1. Hats off to your talent. You are a pro. You did justice. God Bless you

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  17. This is BY FAR the scariest thing I have seen this Halloween!


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