Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Review, Price, How to Use and Where to buy in India

Blackheads, I have been fighting these tiny brats since time immemorial. My nose looks like pepper sprinkled on custard (if that makes sense). My friends laugh when I say this, but I know how disgusting they look and how difficult it is actually to remove them.
Just when I was struggling so hard to remove blackheads, Clara, a friend and a fellow beauty blogger suggested me to switch to chemical exfoliators. “Chemical exfoliators? I haven’t used any. And the words chemical and acid in skincare products really scare the shit out of me”. That’s exactly what I said, but she assured me and recommended Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. When it comes to skin and hair care products, I go slowly and just don’t blindly grab new stuff. So, I started researching about the product and after going through all the raved reviews and 10/10 ratings, I thought of giving this ‘miracle product’ a try.

So without wasting anytime further, lets get into the details.

Description, Ingredients, Facts, Price and Availability:-

Price is about Rs. 1350. I bought from an Instgram store called Tuan CosmeticsYou can also buy from Cosrx official website, Sokoglam or Ulta.

Packaging:-A sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and a transparent cap. The bottle comes further housed inside a white box and every detail is mentioned on it.

The pump dispenser is of good quality, doesn't leak and dispenses right quantity of product.

Before the review, lets talk about BHA first, what exactly it is:- 
BHA is basically Beta Hydroxy Acid. Sounds scary, right? Even I was afraid of using it at first, but I researched well and found that BHA is actually quite good for skin and is effective in penetrating deep inside the layers, cleaning dead skin, excess oil and impurities. BHA is oil soluble so it penetrates even through oil base, dissolving and cleaning clogged pores. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in curing acne. 

Things to keep in mind before using this:-

Purging. Yes, your skin can throw tantrums after you start using chemical exfoliants. Purging is characterized by angry looking pimples or whiteheads, and will generally occur in your problem areas; cheeks in my case. Purging will last for a week or two maximum.
Tingling.  You might feel a tingling sensation when you will start using this. It is normal. But if you feel an intolerable burning sensation, wash it off asap. If your skin still feels inflamed or is burning, visit doctor without wasting anytime further.
Sensitivity. Your ‘new’ skin becomes extra sensitive post the use of chemical exfoliants. So a sunscreen with high SPF is a must if you have to go out. Otherwise you will not just get tanned, but will get burned and roasted. Apply before bedtime and if possible stay indoors the next day. That’s why I apply it on Saturday night, so that I can stay indoors the next morning.
No Twining. Avoid using this with other similar products or products with other active ingredients like AHA, Retinol, Vitamin C.

Appearance and Application, Feel and Fragrance:-
The product feels like silky water, I mean just water like, but a little slippery.  The consistency is runny and spreads very easily on skin. It feels beautiful on skin, gets absorbed with light patting and doesn’t leave any sticky or tacky feel behind. The fragrance is decent and doesn’t irritate my sensitive nose.

How and When to Use:-
Chemical exfoliants clear the way for other skin care ingredients to penetrate down the layers, so it should be applied on cleansed skin before the use of any other skin care products. I prefer using it the following ways:
Method 1:-
After cleaning my face, I dispense 1-2 pumps of the product and apply evenly on face and neck. I pat gently for faster and better absorption. I wait for around 20 minutes before applying the next skincare product.
Method 2:-
As a part of Frida’s pore Shrinking method. I apply the liquid on cleansed skin, wait for 20 minutes before layering it up with a clay mask. Once the clay mask dries up, I rinse with water and then follow up with an oil cleanser.

My Skin Type and Issues:-
I have a normal skin with no such issues other than super nagging blackheads on my nose and a few closed comedones on my forehead. I never had any pimple/acne problem, other than one or two once or twice a year. I am blessed with a naturally flawless skin. *Touchwood*

Performance: How the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid worked on me:-
This was my first ever chemical exfoliant and thus I was naturally very excited and apprehensive at the same time. I was scared and thrilled.

Being a first timer, I decided to use this once a week and then increase to twice.
It has been 6 months since the day I have used this for the first time. I cleansed my skin, applied this, waited for 20minutes, applied my night cream and hit the sack. I was super impressed with the feel of the product on my skin. Though I faced mild sensation, but it wasn’t something very severe and vanished within 10 minutes. With high hopes and expectations, I went to sleep. The next day I woke up to a super soft, smooth and supple skin. I looked so fresh, skin imparted a healthy glow and I just couldn’t stop myself from touching my skin. It felt so soft and smooth. I became super happy. The blackheads on my nose kind of loosened up and I could easily remove most of them with the blackhead removing tool.
I had a day off and throughout the day I didn’t apply anything else, simply because I didn’t feel the need to, my skin was looking and feeling gorgeous. The effect stayed almost throughout the week.

Now, lets jump to the next application day, I applied before hitting the sack as usual and next day woke up to a beautiful morning with an even more beautiful skin. Just when I was thinking that I have finally found my holy grail product, I kind of felt a bump on my right cheek and within an hour I could see a huge pimple staring right back at me. “Fine, my skin is purging. I know this would happen. I have researched. This phase shall pass”. That’s what I told myself. In the evening another pimple cropped up, as if one wasn’t enough. Keeping aside the two horrendous looking pimples right on my cheeks, my skin felt soft and glowy.

Third week, my pimples were still there and I could see a few other tiny bumps on my cheeks as well. Those were not pimples, but just hard bumps. I don’t know how else to describe them. I applied the BHA Power Liquid and the next day I woke up with a new pimple and a few other bumps. I received an urgent work call, so my plan of staying indoors failed and I had to go out. I applied a heavy duty sunscreen before going out, but when I reached office, what I saw completely shook me. I had turned red, totally red. Like a roasted chicken. I have no clue why it happened in spite of using an amazing sunscreen which works so beautifully otherwise.
Throughout the week, the condition of my skin worsened. My cheeks and chin filled with pimples and bumps, which I later realized are actually blackheads. Can you imagine? Blackheads on cheeks? As if a nose filled with blackheads wasn’t enough of a sight. Everybody in my family and friend circle started telling me how my skin condition has stared deteriorating.

This is supposed to work on acne prone skin and thus I applied it on the fourth week again, in a hope to see some changes. Yes, the only thing that changed was, the pimple outbreak moved from cheek and chin to forehead. I had a full face of pimples.The kind of breakout I had never experienced before. 
But the thing that was worrying me wasn’t the pimple, cause I knew it will go someday or the other. The thing that was freaking the shit out of me was the blackheads on cheeks. I couldn’t even fight back the ones on my nose, how come will I remove them from my cheek now?
I know the concept of purging the skin that is why I kept at it to make sure. But alas! This failed me. I have tried adding it back into my routine four times now with a week or two, or a month break in between and each and every time after I use this I always get big zits on my face and I see more blackheads around my nose, chin and cheeks. I have no clue why a product that is meant to treat a skin issue is actually exaggerating it. The last time I used this was probably in June. My skin still hasn’t recovered. I still get pimple attacks and my cheeks are filled with blackheads and whiteheads. My skin has become oilier and it never felt worse. The product has ruined my face. I am currently under medication. The below picture might look gross. But this was the condition of my skin 2 weeks back and it was worse 2 months back. I just hope I get back the skin which I was blessed with until I decided to mess it up.

I wonder how people can love this product so much. Even my mother, she likes it pretty much. Her skin purged as well, but just during the second week. Though there is no such noticeable change in the texture of her skin, but she says she loves the feel post the usage of the power liquid. So I guess this product has both its fans and haters. It didn’t suit me, but can work on you beautifully. The way it worsened my skin conditions and ruined my face, I wouldn’t recommend you to try it. I just can’t take that risk. So if you want to use it, use at your own risk...


  1. I am so sad to hear that this didn't work for you! Perhaps your skin just can't handle that concentration. I use a 2% BHA acne wash in the shower and it really helps with the fact my skin doesn't shed properly. It also gets off sunscreen really well at the end of the day. Perhaps just a wash might work better for you, rather than a product with such high concentration that you leave on.

  2. Oh my God, I wonder how the others raved about it so much. I'm never getting near this thing

  3. It sounds like this product would be too strong for me.

  4. So sad it didn't work! At least you now know and I hope you get it all straightened out and back to normal!

  5. My God! This is scary. Like super scary. Through mid-way I thought wow! What a magical product but then those scary results 😯. Thank you for sharing. I too have acne prone skin and faced acne issue on my whole face. Applying coconut oil before going to bed on a clean face really helped me to get rid from pimples and marks :) Maybe this will help you too.

  6. Using a ceramides moisturizer might have helped repaired your compromised skin barrier .


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