Get the Look: Sonam Kapoor Cannes 2018 Color Pallet Inspired Makeup

Hello everyone,

Today I am here with a requested ‘celebrity inspired makeup’. I love creating celebrity inspired looks and love it even more when you appreciate it and love it even more and more when you request to create another celebrity inspired look; this shows your love for my work, your trust in me.

The look I’ll be doing today is “Sonam Kapoor’s yellow eye makeup in Cannes”, that is how it is trending in social media. I personally loved the nude corset gown with that canary yellow train and how the eye makeup beautifully complemented it. Hair tied in a low messy bun, minimal accessories and pop of yellow on eyes, the look is summer goals.

Well, here goes my version...


I won’t say that this is a recreation, as I have twisted and twirled the look as per my comfort. For example, the look doesn’t feature a cut crease, but I did, simply to make it more wearable. (Yes, I can wear a cut crease with ease, but not a pop of color which goes way past the crease. This is thus an inspired look where I have only borrowed the color palette and nothing else!

So, let us begin…


I prefer doing eyes first, so that if there are fall outs, I can always clean them off.

I started by grooming my eyebrows and setting my eye lids with a skin colored eye shadow, so that there are no oil residue left behind.
I took a brown colored eye shadow on a fluffy brush went to and fro on my crease, adding some depth to that area.
Swirled my finger on a matte black eye shadow and then just patted it on the outer corner of my eyes and blended well into the brown. Make sure you don’t take the black past the socket line.
Now with a flat brush dipped in concealer I gently cut my crease, filling the lid with the concealer. (See pic for reference)

Then came the most exciting part, packing the yellow eye shadow. I packed yellow eye shadow on the inner corners of my eyes and then took a shimmery white and applied on the center, to give a halo effect.
Highlighted my brow bone with the same shimmery white eye shadow.
Lined by waterline, took a black eye shadow on a smudger brush and smudged the kohl with it.

Finally false lashes and loads of kohl to finish off the look.
My eye shadows are from Coastal Scents 252 Eye shadow palette, the kohl is Lakme Eye Conic and mascara is Loreal Manga.

My foundation, corrector and concealer are all from Kryolan Derma Pallet. This pallet is such a savior, a true beauty. I set the base with Sugar Cosmetics Compact. Blush and contour powder from Ben Nye Blush Palette. Highlighter is Benefit Highbeam.

I applied a pink lipstick and then topped it with a pink gloss. The lipstick is from Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette and gloss is my Maybelline

Time for a few more pictures... :)

Ignore the expressions. I was bored to death ....
Anyway, hope you all will like the look. But hate it or love it, don't forget to pour in your comments. 
See you on my next post. Take care :)


  1. Again you stunned me with such an awesome look... And so cute and adorable you are looking 😘😘😘

  2. The yellow steals the show. It really brings your eye to life.

  3. You look red carpet ready!! I’ve never seen yellow shadow look so terrific 😍

  4. So fun and youthful! I love that yellow - so perfect for summer brightness!

  5. What a dynamic look! I kind of wish the yellow, white and black blended a little more (like how you beautifully blended the brown and black), but it is an exceptionally beautiful combination!

  6. Such an unexpected but pretty combo!

  7. Awesome Maddy. Darun hoeche. And your expressions are showstoppers

  8. I LOVE your recreations! You do such a great job!

  9. You pull this off so well! The yellow is a little out of my comfort zone, but it looks gorgeous on you. Such a pretty recreation.

  10. Wow, your look is exactly the same--good job!

  11. I don't know that I could brave the yellow but it looks amazing on you!

  12. Wow!!! Your eyes look amazing!!! Thanks for the application info, I may have to give this look a try this summer!


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