Restaurant Review: Level Seven, Kolkata

Located on Topsia road, at a location that is very easily reachable from all over Kolkata, Leven Seven is a new pub that is creating quite the buzz. It is perched on the top floor of the building that it is housed in, on the 7th floor there is the indoor pub, then there is a roof top and a smaller square at the very top, which according to me is the place to be. They open at 4p.m, it is the appropriate time to catch the most awesome sunset view, well not in the summer or monsoon of course.

We had quite a few dishes, and they were all good. We had:

TUSCANA PIZZA: Thin crust, good sauce, nice slices of meat, fresh onions, mozzarella, cheddar baked to near perfection, awesome.

TANDOORI TIKKA TRILOGY: Six pieces of meat, two of each flavour, served up in a snazzy looking tandoor with flavorful chutney, nice.

CHICKEN SIRACHA: Juicy succulent pieces of chicken, nice sauce, very tasty.

CHEESY MUSHROOM KULCHA: The bread was cooked through, was not soggy at all, the filling was sumptuous and had nice texture.

KHIDCHI ARANCHINI: The rice was well flavoured, the breading was perfect, the tangy tomato sauce and the papad served along with complimented it well.

SEA BASS (seasonal): The fillet was moist, cooked just as much it should be, very well seasoned, the lemon butter sauce had a very balanced flavor.

GOAT CHEESE WALNUT TIKKI: Full flavored filling, nice breading, fried to perfection and served with nice chutney.

My picks would be the TUSCANA PIZZA, SEA BASS especially for the lemon butter sauce, and the GOAT CHEESE WALNUT TIKKI. The presentation was also pretty cool.

This “pub” could not impress with their drinks. Neither the COSMOPOLITON, the SEX ON THE BEACH nor the ORANGE MARTINI that we tried, were like what they are supposed to taste. I could barely taste the spirit in them; the only prominent flavour was sweetness. The PISCO SOUR was good. They need a lot of improvement in this department, a real lot.

This is another aspect that requires attention. Some might even consider them rude. I will not cite any instances here, but overall, they need to pull up their socks and pay attention to the basics.

They have nailed it in this section, superb I should say. The elements looks fresh quirky and stylish, all the elements seem well thought out, the lighting is adequate. 

My choice of seating would be the square at the very top or the rocking table of the roof top.

To sum up, level seven has a location to die for, tasty food and a nice ambience to compliment it all. The drinks and service are major letdowns. I sincerely hope that they pay attention to these aspects; they have good times ahead of them.

Lastly, I would like to thank Priyanka, First Idea and Level Seven for having me over. 


  1. Looks yummy and like a lovely view!

  2. Pizza and kulcha look delicious! Looks like a great place to visit :)

  3. Great food and a great view, can't go wrong. The Goat Cheese Walnut Tikki looks delicious, can they ship?!?

  4. Love the atmosphere and the views are amazing! The food is just the icing on the cake!

  5. That Cheesy Mushroom Kulcha looks delicious!!!

  6. You’re making me hungry and it’s way too early for lunch haha

  7. The views are gorgeous! Bummer about the service though...

  8. WOW that all looked amazing! I want to try the Kulcha!


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