The Blushing Bride: Debarati Dasgupta

My Blushing Brides, how much I love going through the pages and chapters of their lives. Yes, I call them my brides, because they are all so special to me and I can always relate to them in some way or the other.

Today on “Blushing Brides” we are featuring a beautiful lady from the beautiful city of joy, Debarati Dasgupta. She got married on 7th of December, 2014 and today she is here to share her wedding moments with us. Yes, it’s been three years that she got entwined in this beautiful bond, but the memories are still so fresh. Let's have a look at her fairy tale journey… J

How did you guys meet?
We were introduced by a common friend on 2008,during Durga puja. We were 21 then!! We went to our first date after a month and I had proposed him which he refused!! But he changed his mind within an hour. I was told by the friend later that Subhajit liked me since we met but could not express his feelings as he is so shy when it comes to reciprocation. So he was very shocked when I proposed to him, thought someone is playing a prank with him. Later he understood (Thank God)! And we are together for 9 years now. 

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
We got almost a year to plan the wedding. I had my brother and sister in law to take the headache of planning and executing every single thing starting from selecting venue to fixing the menu, shopping, etc. But I helped Subhajit for our reception. He lost his mother at a tender age and his father had a major accident just 4 months before our wedding. Juggling between work and home, he had a tough time. So I had to intervene. And we got married on 7th of December, 2014. 

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?
I wanted to look simple but traditional Bengali bride. I got a bright Red Benarasi silk saree with minakari work for my wedding. For I reception, I opted for a Purple Benarasi silk. Both these sarees were from Benarasi Kuthi, Gariahat. The best part about the sarees is that both of them are manageable, not heavy. 

Apart from these, most of my wedding trousseau was shopped from various shops in and around Gariahat. I had a good mix of traditional silk saress and handlooms.
As I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to look simple and not over the top with tons of jewelleries, I had worn few pieces which were very special. My mother gifted me her wedding necklace and earring set. My brother and sis in law gifted me a beautiful minakari necklace which is tok precious to me. I think that necklace is from Rajlaxmi Gold, Gariahat. On reception, I wore a Chur that belonged to my late Mother in law, which is once again very special. The tiaras were bought from an accessory store from Mumbai. Shoes and clutches were bought from Mumbai.
I got most of my Bridal cosmetics trousseau from Mac, Forum mall. Apart from that, few pieces were taken from City Centre. 

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
On my wedding day, my MUA was Jolly Chanda of Satin Rose,Salt Lake She is magical. I loved the way she did my hair and makeup. She did not put a lot of makeup to put together my entire look. I love her. 

My reception makeup was done Prosanta Roy. He is well known for his craft. He made me look just the way I wished for. Simple yet classy.

Tell us something about your photographer?
We fixed on DnA photographix. They are quite well known and I had some initial thoughts that they will be very finicky about everything. Devjyoti of DnA had taken our assignment. To my utter surprise he was very helpful and a jovial guy. He told us to be our natural self and not to look into the camera. The photos were lively, fresh and real. He even clicked for my Aiburobhaat ceremony. It’s been three years now but still we get compliments for our wedding and reception pictures.

Any special moment you want to share with us?
The entire event is an emotional roller coaster ride. Starting from planning till the execution of it is a joyful journey. But I would like to mention not one but two small moments. Just the day before our wedding, when we were tired after hours of dancing and sleepy, I got one goodnight kiss from my tiny little niece, and she said “Rima, tomaar shaadi hocche?” I hold her close and burst into tears. And the clock struck 12. Got one text from my “shy” husband to be, “Wow, we are getting married today”.

Any advice you want to all the readers out there?
Remember not to over think and stress yourself. Plan well in advance. Do not leave anything unattended for the last moment. Keep a tab into all nitty-gritty things,everything. Better distribute responsibility with people you trust. You will be sorted. Take some time for yourself. Spend some time with your family. That is important. You will never get that later.

DeckandDine says:-
I loved the way you looked on your wedding and reception, so beautiful, so natural yet glamorous. I am glad the makeup artists didn’t change you into a completely different person. Your makeup, both days, went very well with your attires, complementing them. You looked so happy and at ease Debarati di, the smile says it all. And, and.. it is needless to say that you two look amazing together.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Debarati di. Wishing you and Subhajit da a very happy wedding anniversary in advance.  May your life be filled with all the happiness, love and delights. 

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