Easy Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is knocking at the door and it is time of the year I wait for so eagerly. Makeup has always been my love, my passion and I don’t want to miss a single chance of having fun with it. Though Halloween is not really an Indian thing and I often get comments like it is not a part of Hindu culture, there are already a plethora of festivals lining up to be celebrated, why another one and also one came up with “Bhoot Chaturdashi”, when there is “Bhoot Chaturdashi” why celebrating Halloween..” and blah..blah..blah… 

Well, it's totally down to personal choice really. I love Halloween merely for the fact that I get to experiment with makeup, brush up my sfx makeup skills, that’s what I love and I guess there is no harm in doing what you love. By doing Halloween special makeup, I am in no way insulting the Hindu believes of afterlife and the season of Pitru Paksha. It is just a makeup for mere fun.

If you remember, I did the above BROKEN DOLL look last year, which I am so glad you all loved, and all your love keep on motivating me to do something better the next time. This year I was confused about the look, what exactly to do and the final look is basically the result of a random experiment. I named this year’s look "The Zombie way”.

I am sorry to upload the ‘teaser’ image at night, couldn’t stop myself :P .Some of you did give me a good scold, but the compliments I received from you all were beyond my expectation. I am flattered, overwhelmed and on cloud 9.

Many of you have asked for a video tutorial or a pictorial, well…I don’t have the courage to do a video, but yes, I do have a pictorial and here it goes…


-Colors in Black and Red (You can use any powder or oil based colors, kajals for black, red lipstick for red, eye shadows etc. Just make sure that if you are using oil based colors, you set it with powder of same color.)
-Liquid foundation
-Liquid Latex/ spirit gum

-Fresh blood scab (You can buy the ones from Kryolan or Ben Nye, or make you own. I made my own mixing red food color and a drop of blue food color to aloe Vera gel. It works)
-Fresh blood (You can buy the ones from Kryolan or Ben Nye, or make you own. I used red food color)
-Stipple Sponge ( I didn’t have one, so used Scotch Brite instead)
-Normal Makeup Sponge

-Clean your face off any oil and dirt. Now take the red color with a sponge and dab it around your lips and one eye. Do the same with the black color as well. 
-Now apply liquid latex around your lips.
-Start sticking cotton shreds to the glue.
-Now take small portions of cotton and roll them on your palm to make them candle wick kind of a thing. ( I am so terrible at explaining things.)
-Glue the ends and stick to the ‘cotton lip’ you made. For God’s sake, refer to pictures.
-After you are done move on to the eye, apply liquid latex around your eye. Stick cotton and apply the wicks the same way you did on your lip area.
-Wait for them to dry completely. Now apply your foundation all over the cotton, slowly blending on your face.
-Wait for your foundation to set. In the meanwhile you can create wound like texture on your neck as well. Apply cotton on the neck the way I did. See picture and then apply foundation.
-After your foundation is set, take the red and black colors you used previously and start dabbing all over the cotton, sparingly. Apply the black mixed with a little red on your lips with a brush to intensify the base color you created at first. Apply black and red color on the neck as well.
-Now using a stippling sponge, I used the scotch brite, stipple fresh blood scab sparingly all over the cotton. Stipple some on your skin, here and there.
-Time to add the drama...Believe me, this step makes all the difference. Take food color in a dropper and squeeze over your face to imitate blood flowing down your scars.
You can wear white, light grey, light green contact lens for added drama.

That is it. So simple. isn't? So what are you waiting for? Start the fun right now.. 

Time for some more pictures...

Yo yo Zombie Singh.. (I don't know why I said this.)

Zombie chilling. 

 I hope you liked the post. Do pour in your comments. Would love to know what you feel. Love you all and thank you for all the support.


  1. Oh my mata Maddy what are these!!!

  2. OMG!!! lOve this creation. You're so talented babe! Happy Halloween :)


  3. Wow! This halloween look is so freaky. Thanks for sharing! This will scare a lot of people for sure.


  4. OMG..😱😱😱😱...you are a super talent house....

  5. So talented dear...Love the transformation....

  6. Gosh everytime it gives me goosebumps... Soooo amazingly creepy..

  7. Omg, scary like hell!

    Ankita | Beautistaa.com | Fashion & Beauty

  8. This is such amazing work, you have done a great job! Perfect Halloween look


    1. Thank you so much..Coming from you this is huge.. :)


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