From Office to Puja Pandals: 10 Glam Makeup Looks to Rock your Evenings

Subho Mahalaya everyone,

People all over the world know India as a land of unending festivities. In Bengali language there is a proverb that reads বারো মাসে তের পার্বণ which literally translates as thirteen festivals in twelve months. India being a mix of such diversity has a unique way of celebrating these festivals. Each region has a festival which is celebrated with more pomp and show than the others which presents a beautiful picture of the diverse cultural collage that is our country.

This regional co-relation is so strong that just as we pronounce the festival, the region of our country where it is celebrated the most come to our mind like a natural reflex. With us Bengalis’ it is undoubtedly Durga Pujo that occupies the center of our hearts.

Culture..Maa.. bride returning home..mama bari.. To us Indians our maternal family holds a very special place. Durga Puja in Bengali folklore celebrates the Maa Durga going to her father’s place with her children. And us holiday loving Bengalis’ celebrate this occasion by going on long holidays ourselves, mostly to our Mama Bari (maternal family house). Although the two Epics of India have potrayed our maternal uncles as great villains, but in my life at least, my “Mamas” have been sweet and ardent beings who have spoilt me totally. Why shouldn’t I love tem…they bought me my first cell phone…against Papa’s better decision  :P

Anyway, getting back the topic at hand, those beautiful times of pan puja holidays are long gone, and our current corporate lives leave us with barely an off day during this 4 day extravaganza. So today’s compilation is an attempt to shortlist 10 Glam Looks which you can get with minimal products and minimal time and I’m sure they will get you from office worn to pandal ready in no time at all. This is put together keeping the humid Kolkata weather in mind.
So without further ado, let us go through the looks…

LOOK 1: Mascara and Kajal Magic:-
Yes..yes.. I know for most of us mascara and Kajal are like everyday things, but trust me, these two are the magic wands. This is one of the quickest, easiest looks and is my most favourite. Wash your face, apply a BB cream. Now line your eyes with Kohl and smudge it with your finger tip for a soft gradient look. You can intensify the kohl as per choice. Personally I love heavily kohled eyes and we Bengalis are famous for that. Apply loads of mascara and your favourite lipstick to round off the look. You can choose the lipstick shade as per your wish. You don’t have to be a pro to nail this look.

LOOK 2: Winged eyes and red lips:-
An iconic look, this combination can never ever go wrong. I love baby wings, but you can wing out your liner further for more drama. Red matte lips and mascara to complete this look.

LOOK 3:- Colored Double Wing Eyeliner:-
Wearing colored eyeliner is one of the easiest ways to transform a look in no time. I personally love this look during day, but it can rock night events as well. For more drama I chose the double eyeliner method and winged it out a little. You can choose the color of your liner as per your choice.

LOOK 4: Colored Double Eyeliner and colored lower lash line (Ethnic):-
Double eye liner, one black and one blue and then have just applied a wash of greenish blue colored shadow on my lower lash line as well. Wore a tiny black bindi and jhumkas to add an ethnic touch to my look. You can work with any two colored pencil of your choice.

LOOK 5: Neutral Eyes and bold lips:-
Another favourite look of mine. This is my alternate to “winged eye and red lips” days or nights. Most of the time when done in hurry or without a perfect base, the winged eye look doesn’t really look good on me, this particular look come to my rescue at that time. Just add a tiny but of shimmering beige/champagne colored eyeshadow on the centre of your lids and blend the edges; try to stay on the middle instead of moving to the corners. Add a thin stroke of kajal, mascara and red matte lipstick to complete the look.

LOOK 6: Dual Wash of Color on Lower Lashline:-
Pop of colors on the bottom lash line is all you need. The look is simple, easy to create, but uber stylish. Just apply two colored kajals/eye shadow on your bottom lash line, one on the inner half and one on the outer, blend to have a gradient effect. Apply coats of mascara and you are ready to go. You can add black kohl just on the waterline and can also tight line your eyes for added oomph. For lips you can choose lighter or darker shades complementing the eye liner color.

LOOK 6: Wash of Color on Lower Lashline (Ethinc):-
A bindi and ethnic danglers can change a look from modern to traditional in a blink. This look is almost similar to the above look; just that I have applied a single color on lower lash line. With accessories and bindi, the look is already glamorous, I just didn’t want to overdo it by applying two colors on eyes.

LOOK 7: Glamorous Smokey Eyes and Red Lips:-
My most favourite. Smoky eyes look is timelessly sexy and have always helped in creating a very glamorous, sexy and attractive look. I have used only kohl and no brushes to create this look. You can check the Tutorial HERE. Red lips look killer with this look. So apply a gorgeous matte red lipstick to finish off the look. This look doesn’t really take more than 10 minutes but looks so fabulous.

LOOK 8: Smokey eyes with soft pink lips:-
This is a universally favourite look. Like the previous one, you can create this within minutes. Kohl, mascara and a finger is all you need to nail this smoky eye. Wear a complementary shade of light colored lipstick and you are ready to rule. This look is very versatile, can go with both modern and traditional looks.

LOOK 9: Glam Neutral Eyes and Soft Lips:-
This look is for women who can manage to glide in some more products than just a lipstick, a kohl and mascara in their handbag. Don’t panic, other than those three products you just need two eye shadows, one brown and one shimmery beige/champagne. Apply the brown on outer corner and inner corners of your eyes. Blend well. Now dab the shimmery beige on the centre and any harsh lines between the shades. Blend the crease are well. Apply kohl under your eyes, smudge and then loads of mascara. For this look you can choose dark or soft lips depending on your mood, I prefer soft peachy pink lips.

LOOK 10:- Pastel Smoky Eyes with Candy Lips
Pastel smoky eyes are a vibrant way to lighten up what is usually a dark and dramatic. They are super easy to do; they are soft, yet intense. This look is very versatile and can compliment both Indian and western attire. I have applied a light rosey shimmer eyeshadow blended with a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow on the outer V. I took a peachy colored eye shadow and applied on crease blending any harsh lines. A little golden eye shadow on the inner portion of the lower lash line. Mascara and kohl to round off the look. For lipstick I chose a perky candy pink lipstick. Ignore the weird selfie.

Tips, Tricks and Things to Remember:-
  • Never forget Mascara. It is a must and can make a huge difference to your whole face.
  • Don’t forget compact/face powders. If you manage to apply foundation and concealer then good, but if not, compact is enough for the “pandal hoping” base. Keep it handy. You can easily dab it anytime to reduce excess shine on the skin.
  • Brushes are important, but not always compulsory. Clean fingers rock. You can nail all the above looks just by using your fingers.
  • Tight line your eyes; no matter if it is just a neutral or a dramatic eye makeup. It enhances your eyes like nothing else.
  • Do you love blushes, but carrying one is not possible? Don’t worry, you can easily have those blushing cheeks using lipsticks as well. All the above “blushed cheeks” are achieved by using the lipstick of that particular look.
  • Accessorize well. I love going traditional during Durga Pujo and accessories are so important for ethnic looks. No, you don’t have to hide behind jewelry, just a neckpiece or a pair of earring can make all the difference. Don’t forget the tiny bindi if going traditional.
So, that’s it. I have concentrated on eyes on most of the looks, because I feel a little work with the eyes can make huge differences. Products I have used are very minimal for most of the looks and I have tried to cover neutral to dramatic, easy to moderate makeup looks for your convenience. Hope you all like it.. 

Before wrapping up I would like to wish all of you Subho Mahalaya. May Maa shower her choicest blessings on you and your loved ones. Stay safe and have lots of fun :) 


  1. This is perfect for me. I have office till ashtami and plans for meeeting friends everyday after office. I am definitely going to try the pink lips and smokey eyes looks this Puja..

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  5. These are some gorgeous looks. Well done Madhubani!

  6. These are some gorgeous looks. Well done Madhubani!

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    Ankita | | Fashion & Beauty Blog

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