Genuine Instagram Stores to buy Authentic International Makeup in India

If you are a makeup junkie, living in India can sometimes be really disheartening. Most of the International cosmetic brands are not readily available to us. We sigh, we cry whenever we see new launches and how the world goes gaga over them and how we have no other option but to sit back and think, “Ahh!! I wish I lived in US”. 

But not anymore, we have Instagram Sellers to make our lives easier. 
Though, when buying makeup, I always prefer buying from brand websites or genuine international websites (click HERE to see the list of genuine international websites); but there are times when buying from international sites are not possible. Either we don’t have credit cards/paypal accounts or we don’t have the patience to wait for so many days; either we fear duties and taxes or are afraid of losing the parcel in transit. And this is when the Instagram Sellers come to our rescue.
But just as with roses come thorns, like that, with the happiness of getting your hand on best international makeup products come the fear of getting duped by fraud Instagram sellers as well. Yes, there are many Instagram Sellers who will deliver fake products to you in spite of you having paid an obscene amount of money; and trust me, there is nothing worse than that. 

But when we are here, there is no fear. So, in an endeavour to help you through this maze, we are presenting you a list of the genuine INSTAGRAM SELLERS from whom I or my closed ones have shopped and we can trust them fully.

I Heart Beauty ShopInstagram Handle: iheartbeautyshopp

La Chicwick
Instagram Handle: @lachicwick 

Lá Makeup AffairéInstagram Handle: @lamakeupaffaire

Instagram Handle:  @royalicious1

The Beauty Shop India
Instagram Handle: @beautyshop_india

Beauty Splurge
Instagram Handle: @ beauty.splurge

International Makeup
Instagram Handle:

Instagram Handle:

Beauty Buy India
Instagram Handle: @beautybuyindia

Beauty Lounge India
Instagram Handle: @thebeautyloungeindia64

Beauty Nation
Instagram Handle: @beautynation07

Be a Diva: The House of Makeup
Instagram Handle: @be.a.divaa

Beauty Tales
Instagram Handle:

The Makeup Store
Instagram Handle: @makeup_gotus_slaves

Now and Wow Chennai
Instagram Handle: @nowandwowchennai

Adore Makeup
Instagram Handle: @adoremakeup16

I know it is truly difficult to decipher what is happening around us, especially people faking things and all, but trust me, you can shop from them with closed eyes. They arrange for you genuine products from almost all brands available in the international market. Yes, you might find the prices a little high as compared to the actual cost of the product, but the price includes all taxes, duties, international shipping rates and headaches.
So what are you waiting for? It is time to splurge and spoil yourself. Head to their pages and indulge in the best beauty products around.
Happy shopping.

*DISCLAIMER :- I have had good experiences with these aforementioned sellers, nevertheless, I would urge everybody to look out for the safety of their money.


  1. Such a good compilation of Instagram stores, I know it is very difficult to find the good ones and to trust a store on internet. Great post, very helpful!

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