DIY Fashion: Easy and No Sew DIY Sunglasses Case

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is all about a DIY tutorial that is super easy and fun to do. I love sunglasses and have probably all shapes and colors. There is something about these sunnies, they kind of enhance and complete looks.
I love sunglasses, but carrying those cases is pain; either they are too bulky to carry around or I have already misplaced them. There is another problem; the cases only fit in the pair of shades they actually come with. I just hate to carry those bulky cases.
I was carrying my shades in a simple draw string pouch, when one day I came across a brand of shades that come with cute, wraparound cases. They looked so cool, funky and were so expensive. I controlled the urge.  Well, I controlled the urge to buy another pair of glasses, but not the urge to make a case similar to that one, on my own.

So let us see what you need to make these cute, wraparound cases..
  • Fabric (Suede, leather, foam sheets, velvet fabric or any kind of thick fabric. Thick fabrics will protect your shades from scratches.)
  • Scissors
  • Rough sheets to draw the pattern
  • Pen
  • Fabric glue

  • Place your sunglasses on the rough sheet and outline it.  Rotate the sunnies and outline it again. Refer picture. The patter will represent a four-leaf clover. Make sure all the sides are uniform.

  • Now place the pattern on the fabric, trace around it with a pen and cut it accordingly and carefully.

  • Now cut a strip of the same material or any other material/ribbon if you want a contrasting strap. This will be the strap which will wrap around your sunnies.
  •  Now lay the fabric flat with the wrong site up and stick the ribbon/fabric strip with fabric glue. If you want, you can sew as well.
And guess what? You are done!!!
Slide the temples of the shade through the strap and wrap once; it will hold your sunglasses in place. 

Now fold the fabric covering your glasses and wrap the strap around a few more times. Tuck in the end, and glide it in your bag without any worry.

So i hope you find this DIY Tutorial helpful. This is so quick and easy to make and the supplies don't even burn your pocket. 


  1. Wow... Its amazing...m gonna try this next time :)

  2. That's an excellent DIY....i always struggle to keep by glasses safe without getting scratchy... Especially, this hack helps a lot while traveling, where u can only take a teeny travel sling wallet tht can't hold ur glass case .... Instead of wrapping my glass in soft cloth material... I can try this ....

  3. Amazing! I am tired of carrying bulky cases. This is so convenient :)

  4. this is a fab DIY..compact and safe from scratching

  5. What a lovely DIY! Weel done you!
    Akanksha |
    Recent post:

  6. This is so cute, love this diy, i am going to try this for my sunglasses for which i lost the cases :)

  7. This is sooo easy and sooo cool! Thanks for sharing your creativity :)


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