Colourpop Split Ultra Blotted Lip Review, Swatches and LOTD

Ultra Blotted Lip is a newly lauched range of lip stains from the house of Colourpop which remain out of stock forever. The brand created this line of lip colors inspired by the diffused, sheer lipstick trend that is currently ruling the beauty world. Yes, Popsicle stained lips, just-blotted lips are in craze right now and Colourpop hit the bull’s eye with this range. Result? Makeup fanatics from all over the world went crazy over. I love Colourpop products and seeing all the raved reviews I too wanted to give this range a try, but my bad, whenever I thought of ordering, the range remained out of stock. But finally, thanks to Samannita di, I got hold of my first ultra-blotted lip. It is in the shade Split.

What Colourpop says:-
For that soft, diffused just-blotted look, our medium coverage liquid lipstick dries matte, doesn’t budge, and feels soft and comfy on the lips.
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The no-fuss normal cylindrical bottle with a silver cap which has a doe-foot applicator attached inside.

Split is a mixture of magenta and berry color. It is stunning and looks incredible on Indian skin tone.

TEXTURE, FORMULA, Color Payoff and Staying Power:-
Texture is smooth to apply and the formula is very light-weight. But it dries down to a very uncomfortable finish. It is powdery matte, which I completely dislike. Worst part? It wears off in the middle of my lips almost immediately.  Yes, they wear off so horribly and that too within seconds of application. It leaves embarrassing patches all over your lips. They don't last through any eating or drinking whatsoever. 

The pigmentation is however great; it doesn't look like just a tint, But it doesn’t stay at all, so no worry of having full color instead of the sheer, Popsicle lip gimmick. And if you try to correct it by layering it up; then god save you. The flakes start moving to your chin, above your lips, etc. The lip color kind of peels off. See the picture below. This picture is taken just 5 minutes after application. 

Summing UP my LIKES and DISLIKES:-

What I LIKED about Split Ultra Blotted Lip:-
  • Beautiful color.
  • Great for people who love powdery matte finish.
  • Well pigmented.
  • Affordable.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.

What I DON’T LIKE about Split Ultra Blotted Lip:-
  • Feels very drying and uncomfortable on lips.
  • Goes on patchy.
  • Lip cracking.
  • Flakes.
  • Wears off almost immediately.

I was so excited to try this. It looks so gorgeous when you apply, you just start to admire and that’s when the euphoric feeling evaporates and you are left with horrible looking, patchy lips. It looks terrible and so embarrassing. Even at $6 a piece I wouldn't risk buying any other shades.
Split truly 'splits'' :P



  1. Wow, i love the shade of this lip color. I have not tried anything from Colorpop yet but this shade makes me want to try it. Thank you for swatches.

  2. I never tried the blotted lips...I have one..yet to use this... This shade looks very pretty on you.... love it...I wish the formula was better

  3. Oh my Goodness... It peels of pretty badly, I am staying away from the whole range.. I was planning to buy it now nahhhh...

  4. I hate colourpop lip products. I made a big order falling into hype and was charges customs fee in the UK. The lip products are good shades but the formula is so drying specially for matte liquid lipsticks. The product dried in tube so quickly too. I think its the beautiful colors and low price that attracts everyone.

    Ash |
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  5. Colourpop has always been on my ''to buy'' list, however never came to it, as the reviews are sooooo distributed from one extreem, such as loooving the product to the other - hate hate hate the product.. I am so confused, I think I should try it on my own, and decide for myself lol. thanks for sharing your thought!

  6. This is such a pretty shade though... :-) Thanks for sharing.


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