Get the Look: Sonam Kapoor Cannes 2017 Inspired Makeup Look

Hello everyone,
I was in China when Cannes film festival took place. I eagerly wait for this time of the year when our divas put their best fashion foot forward. I keep on drooling over their dresses and makeup, but what I love the most is recreating their looks.  But this time I was in China, away from the social life. Reason? Because Facebook, Instagram, Google and every Google based app are banned in China. So there was no way I could come online and go through the pictures, recreate the look and publish so that you guys can see.
It was only when I reached India few days back that I saw all the pictures and OMG… the women totally rocked the carpet. Aishwarya, Deepika and Sonam, all three of them looked so gorgeous, so exquisite. The fairy gown that Aishwarya Rai wore is still haunting me. My my!!

Anyway, coming back to today’s post. I got a few requests from my friends and readers to recreate particular looks from Cannes Festival this year. So here I am today with this look that Sonam Kapoor sported on her first day. I might be the last person on earth to recreate any of Cannes look, but that doesn’t really matter. Right? What matters is that this is a stunning look and being a makeup lover I can’t refrain myself from recreating it.

So here goes the tutorial…

I started by applying an eye shadow base ( I used concealer for the base). After that I applied a wash of a light peachy colored eye shadow on the lid. Now take a fluffy brush, swirl over a medium brown eye shadow and apply on the crease area moving towards the brow. Now take a pencil brush, pat on a dark brown eye shadow and apply just on the socket line. Blend the two browns so that there are no harsh lines. What I could make out from the pictures of Sonam Kapoor is that she went for subtle cut crease eye make. So I just cleaned the lid area and applied concealer, staying only underneath the crease area. Then I applied a shimmery rose pink colored eye shadow on the lid. Take the color all the way to the outer corner over the crease area. Blend well with the browns so that there are no harsh lines. Now take a shimmery bronzy gold eye shadow and pat on the centre of your lid. Don’t touch the crease line.
Draw a line with a pencil liner on upper lash line ( I skipped the step though), tight line eyes. I applied a thin stroke of line on lower lash line (optional) and buffed some rose pink eye shadow on the black shadow on waterline too. Groom your brows. Finally apply loads of mascara to finish your eye makeup. You can apply false lashes too.

Clean your face of all fallouts. Apply a moisturizer and also don’t forget your sunscreen if you are going out in the sun. Apply dots of your favorite foundation all over the face and blend with brush/sponge.

Contour and then apply a pink blush on the cheeks and also your favorite highlighter on the high cheek bones and nose bridge.

She went for pinky coral lips and I tried to recreate it. I just had a hot pink lipstick with me at that time, so applied a light wash of it and patted orange shadow over it. Nah..!! Not working... L

So that’s it. I know the look is amateurish, but I just couldn’t help but share it with you all. Let me know if you want a step by step tutorial of the eye makeup too. 


  1. Aww! You have recreated the look so well and love the way you describe the steps.

    1. Thank you Papri di.. You are always so kind :)

  2. Very well done. Loved the eye make up.

  3. You nailed it 😍 loved the look...


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