Nail Art using Eye Shadows: Tutorial with Step-by-Step Pictures

Are you wondering what to do with your shattered eye shadow? Or are you planning to toss away those old pigments? Uhu..bother not. Using these pigments and eye shadows you can create chic, beautiful shimmery nail arts in minutes. This is so easy to do and looks amazing, will sure garner you loads of compliments.

So let us go through the tutorial…

What you need:-
  • Base coat ( I have used black colored nail polish)
  • Different colored shimmery eye shadows
  • Clear top coat.

  • Apply two layers of the base coat.
  • Swirl your finger on an eye shadow and dab it on your nails. You have to do this before the second coat is dried completely.
  • Repeat with a few other colors. The fingers prints look really cool.
  • Seal in the design with a top coat.

Tada..Your glam nails are ready J
Pretty simple, isn’t? And looks so chic. Hope you like this nail art. 

Have you ever tried using eye shadows to do your nail art? Let us know


  1. What a brilliant idea!!
    I don't paint my fingernails much---but I might try this on my tootsies!

  2. Wow, these are so totally cool!!


  3. Nice article to follow Nail art using eye shadows.


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