Top / Best Incolor Ultra Smooth Matte Me Lip Creams Review and Swatches

Lip creams are in vogue and Incolor matte me lip creams are totally in fad right now. These weightless liquid colours with velvety matte finish are incredibly pigmented and stay up to 8 hours. At this price, these lip creams are totally worth every penny.
Ever since I did a swatch post on them, I get comments, messages from people almost every day, asking me about the quality and shades. Two questions which I often get are “which are my favorites among these 19 shades” and “which ones will suit our Indian skin tones the most”

Well, as I said there are actually many gorgeous shades to suit your taste and your ever-changing need and mood (Checkout the swatches of all 19 shades HERE), but today I have listed my 10 favorite colors from the range. Trust me; it is very hard to choose something from everything so alluring.

402:- A super stunning, classic blood red.

403:- is a beautiful warm toned rosy pink

404:- A sexy orangey red.

405:- A beautiful fuchsia pink color with strong hints of purple.

407:- A hot red with neutral undertones

411:- True purple which looks a tad pinkish when photographed.

414:- Muted cyber pink color.

415: A gorgeous brown with purple undertones.

417:  This is a gorgeous coral pink shade, which just makes your face so bright.

419:- A burnt orange.

Talking about the texture, it is creamy, glides easily and settles in a matte finish in no time. You have to work super fast as it dries in a jiffy into a super duper matte finish, otherwise you’ll end up with patches. Super long-lasting and highly pigmented so you don’t have to worry about constant re-application. Some of them, especially the lighter ones tend to go patchy, be careful when applying. Also as the lip colors settle in intensely matte finish, lip prepping prior to application is unavoidable.

Want to know where to find them in India? Both offline and online? Then Click HERE.

Let me know which one do you like most. 

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  1. very difficult to select a single shade ... all the shades are superb ... awesome :)


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