Simple Cut Crease Eye Makeup Tutorial with Step by Step Pictures

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing?
Today I’ll be sharing a very simple cut crease eye makeup tutorial with you all, a look that looks flattering on almost everybody. This is so easy to do and is so wearable. No matter what color your skin, hair or eyes are, you can wear this look with ease. 

So give your usual eye makeup a break; it is time to embrace the cut crease.


  • Prime your lids and groom your brows.
  • Now take a smudgy kohl pencil and start drawing a line on your crease, following the natural shape of your eye.
  • Now take brown eye shadow and start blending out the pencil line. Use upward and outward strokes.
  • To add a more glamorous, gradient effect I used a metallic plum to blend out further. You can skip this and continue blending with the brown.
  • Clean the lid area and apply concealer, staying only underneath the crease area.
  • Apply an eye shadow similar to the concealer color to the lid to set the concealer.
  • With a colored liquid/gel eyeliner line your eyes winging it out. I wanted to use a plumish fuchsia shade eyeliner, but I didn’t have any and so I used a lip cream of the same color. You can use any other color of your choice.
  • Apply mascara to finish off the look.
  • I thought of skipping lining my lower lash line, but finally I did.  So if you want you can line your waterline with kohl and then smudge underneath the lower lash line.
  • You can add a line of glitter eye liner over the colored eye liner as well. I used a subtle muted silver shimmer liner.
  • Apply false lashes and you are done. (Well, I skipped the falsies though).

So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I really want to know where I need improvements, so don’t forget to pour in your suggestions…

Love you all..
See ya..


  1. Super se upar tak. Awesome

  2. It's just speechless... Simply wow...

  3. Just speechless....ya! Awesome...

  4. Gorgeous.. Ur a pro at makeup! Simply flawless.. 😘❤🙇🏻 u ve got beautiful eyes! Love the colored eyeliner drama in ur eyes.

  5. Wow ur amazing at this ! How long did it take for u to do it? I dont think ill ever have the patience to do this !

  6. This is amazing! I think I would be afraid to wear pink eyeliner!

  7. looks stunning, I never imagined that the pink colour eyeliner would be so effective. you have beautiful eyes.

  8. Loved this eye look <3 I love your tutorial posts :)

  9. Love everything about this post! Thanks for sharing!
    Much love, Len

  10. Really simple and I love the pop of colour it has.


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