Princess / Queen Crown Eye Makeup: Step by Step Tutorial

Hello everyone,

Today’s look is inspired by a picture going on around Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; a look created by my favorite mua and youtuber Marissa Melhorn. Termed “crown makeup,” this trend sees famous makeup artists and beauty gurus from all over the world creating crowns/ tiaras on their eyelids using different colored eye shadows and then finally adorning them with jewels of their choice for that extra regalia.

I did this look for the first time. I don’t really like the way it came out, still I can always try again to make it better. So here’s for the first try; second should be the best.
So let us get into the quick tutorial of this look.


  • Prime your eyes and do your brows.
  • Now take a fluffy brush, swirl over a brown eye shadow and apply on the crease as a transition shade. Apply a pinky plum shade on the inner and outer corners of the crease. Blend well.
  • Now take a darker eye shadow of the same color family, I chose a plumy taupe and applied just on the crease line. Blend harsh edges.
  • Take concealer on an angular brush and start drawing the tips of the tiara.
  • Fill in crown portion with concealer. You can apply a neutral colored eye shadow over the concealer to set it or can straight away jump to the next step.
  • Take a shimmery golden eye shadow on a brush and start patting it on the crown. Use a small, precise brush to fill in the tips.
  • Put on mascara and then your false lashes.
  • Buff some dark brown and plum eye shadow on the lower lash line. I applied a dash of kohl and buffed some black eye shadow as well, just because I look dead without a touch of black on my lower lash line.
  • Now apply a dot of glue on the crown tip and put loose glitters right on the dots. You can apply on the middle one or on all of the tips; it is totally up to you. Instead of glitters you can add stones and other embellishments as well. Your crown, your choice. ( Like I added stones and glitters on my right eye and just a simple dot of glitter on the right one) 
So that’s it. Trust me, this might look complicated and hard to do, but in real it is not that tough.

Well, I just thought of adding the velvety behind, something resembling Queen Elizabeth’s crown, and yes, I failed miserably :D

Anyway, so this is my look for today. Hope you like it. Also let me know your thoughts regarding this trend. Would love to hear from you.


  1. This lookss Amazing & soooo easyyy peeasyy!😍

  2. Eye makeups is a very difficult job for me. But you have shown it very nicely. Just Stunning !!!

    1. Thanks a lot Anamika :)
      Try once..this is not that tough..

  3. This is such a fun look. I love the whimsicalness of it!

  4. Finally someone aced this without a stencil! Well done, Madhu 😘

    1. Thank you Ragini..
      The stencils kill all the fun..Don't you think so?

  5. Amazing piece. Please check out my post on how to re-design denim!

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