Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow No. 338 Review, Swatches and EOTD

Hello my lovely people,

How are you all doing? I am back here after almost a month. Trust me, all the messages I get inquiring about how I am and about how you miss my blog make me feel so overwhelmed, happy and as well as guilty. L I don’t feel good neglecting my blog; staying away from you all is so tough. Anyway, today I am here with a review of a matte eye shadow from Inglot. I love matte eye shadows that are pigmented and don’t vanish within seconds. So did this eye shadow enter my list of favorites? Read on to find out.

Inglot says:-
“Fully matte eye shadow that contains special silicones and treated pigments. It boasts high lubricity and a silky touch combined with easy, smooth, long lasting, and crease resistant application. Oil free formula provides the ideal matte finish and intense colour.”

Price:-Rs 550/- 

The eye shadow comes in normal square steel eye shadow pan which is housed in plastic case which further comes inside the black box. All the details mentioned at the back of the black box. 

Shade and Texture:-
It is a mesmerizing cool teal with a matte finish. It looks bright, yet is very wearable. Texture is soft, so buttery and blends well. I have a very few matte eye shadows, that can match the texture of this one.

Pigmentation and Staying Power:-
Pigmentation is incredible. On the hand swatch below, it took just a single swipe with a clean finger over bare skin to show the full opacity.  Staying power is amazing too. It stays all day, no wearing off or creasing.

Summing up my likes and Dislikes:-

What I like about Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow No 338:-
  • Beautiful shade.
  • Beautiful matte finish.
  • Silky, smooth texture.
  • Blends like a dream.
  • Rich color payoff.
  • Stays long.
  • Crease resistant.
  • Easily available.
What I don’t like about Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow No 338:-
  • A lil pricey for a single eye shadow. 

(Yes, please ignore my crazy EOTD.. I just went to being me..CRAZY!!! )

Final Thoughts:-
I am super happy with this one. Inglot is a brand that hardly disappoints me. It goes on beautifully, so pigmented and soft. Amazing quality and I am completely satisfied. I just can’t wait to try their other shades. Ohh gosh! They have so many.


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  1. Beautiful teal shade this is! Crazy you! 😱😝😝😝😝


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