Scholl Rough Skin Remover and Foot & Nail Cream Review

Hello everyone,
What is winter to you? For me it is the time for hot chocolate, long coats, sexy boots, cosy sweaters, fuzzy sock, knitted hats, bold lipsticks, dry skin and cracked heels. Yes, with winter bliss come winter woes too.
As we all know that well groomed feet and hands contribute a lot to our overall appearances. We all pay huge attention to our face, but we often forget that the rest of our body needs to be taken care of too. Pampering them always takes a backseat. But it is very important to take care of our hands and feet, especially feet, because they are more prone to dirt and germs.

So today I am here with a set of products that claims to take care of and pamper your feet like never before. Introducing Scholl Rough Skin Remover and Foot & Nail Cream.

What Scholl has to say about their products:
Scholl Rough Skin Remover has an intensive exfoliating action. Clinically proven to remove rough, hard skin and promote natural cell renewal, leaving your feet soft, smooth and conditioned. Can also be used in the event of roughness on knees and elbows.
Scholl Foot & Nail Cream  works intensely on dry skin on feet and toe nails. It’s an ultimate foot cream that moisturizes hard skin to make it feel soften and hydrated. Its 24 hour intensive formula helps restore moisture for hardworking feet and conditions toenails, works best after using a rough skin remover. It is non-greasy, easily, dermatologically tested daily moisturizer. Is suitable for diabetics.
They come in white-blue colored squeeze tubes with flip top caps. Sturdy and travel-friendly.
Texture and Consistency:-

Scholl Rough Skin Remover: It's a cream with pumice granules and AHA's in it. The consistency is neither thick nor runny; just perfect. The granules are a little abrasive, after all it is meant to ward off the hard skin of your feet, but trust me, it is not at all discomforting.

Scholl Foot & Nail Cream: The cream is white in color and is on the thicker consistency, but spreads like a dream once you apply it on your feet. The consistency is the just the way I would want my foot cream to be. It isn’t greasy or slippery.

How I Use:-
Scholl recommends using the scrub on clean, dry skin. But I use it on moist skin and find it to be more effective. I soak my feet for 2-3 minutes in warm water, pat a little and then massage it over the foot in a circular motion, then rinse again. Massage the cream on foot and nails after my foot are completely dry. Well, I have used the scrub on dry skin too and it works well that way as well.
My experience with them…
As I have said earlier, I used to suffer from dry, rough heels a lot, especially during winters. But not anymore, because I have this duo with me. I just love how the scrub with natural pumice and fruit AHA’s effectively removes the rough skin and activates cell renewal. You can see the difference from the very first use. Feet feels soft and smooth instantly. 

Talking about the foot cream, I love it even more. This is one of the best foot creams I have ever tried. Before this I was stuck on to Boroline ( I still rely on good old Boroline for everything, it is like an emotion) and thought nothing could match it, but I am happy that this did. The cream beautifully moisturizes my skin, prevents from further drying and cracking. I apply it once every night before going to bed and my feet love it. My feet remain moisturised, soft petal like for the entire next day. But what if I forget to moisturise my feet one night, does my feet become dry and flaky again? Absolutely not! My feet remained soft even when I missed using the duo for almost a week, that too in chilly winter. See, what miracle the duo did! Can I be happier?!! ;)

Visibly softer, smoother skin is now no longer a dream. Get this duo and say goodbye to skin drying and cracking… J

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