Unreserved Fate of Reservation

It is not a new topic. It’s been hot and cold simultaneously, throughout years. Reservation had been a boon to the then new born India. Maybe we clearly know how the society was divided in classes since history. Discrimination on the basis of castes and classes had followed next. Victims had to go through terrible times. The then upper classes had the privilege to mould the culture as they wished; as to their benefits, which worsened the condition of ‘lower castes’.

Time of change had to visit the unfortunate soul of the country. And various reformers contributed the best they could offer, over decades, and centuries. Which finally resulted in our constitution. And ‘reservation’ was born. To eradicate the evil of the system of classes and castes, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar had to overcome countless obstacles; and finally took a breath of relief when MK Gandhi had agreed with his opinion about reserving facilities, which was more than just a necessity at that time.
But society has changed all this time. In every respect. India is a developing country now, of whose power, many developed nations are beware of. Though no one can deny that poverty, corruption and overpopulation are other fields in which our country isn’t able to get off the competition. People who are enlisted as top most successful people in world; well we have them living in this very country. Also the sad statistics of corruption, poverty and other evils like, gender inequality; they are quiet high.

Now the scene of reservation has changed since its birth. There are regions in the country where, the discrimination on the basis of caste is still prevalent hence proving, that just the imposing of laws cannot help the condition. And then, there are regions, where in absence of discrimination, the general caste: that is not privileged as per ‘reservation’ law; these people are struggling to maintain their standard of life. Whereas, those under the umbrella of this rule, have been living in abundance since at least last generation; though at an average, two generations who are basking in the now ‘unnecessary’ benefits.

Now it is not a question of castes; which can totally be eradicated once our mentality agrees to do it; rather than, totally depending upon the laws even at this age. Rather, it is time to change our culture: isn’t it important and natural anyhow to change and update our cultures at ages? Its been so in history too. The problem that should busy all our governments is: poverty, corruption and all that follows them. Its is born of the condition when the power is just in few hands. Along with that, vote bank! Yes, that has kept the government busy for just too long a time; so long, that our governing bodies are just using caste and religion for their votes, for power. Now, that is supposed to be worked upon. They should focus on their citizens in general, just the facilities they are provided should be the label that could help the government decide what and how they can help the evils that the country is fighting against.

Obviously they have enough brain power to actually take steps out of their comfort zone of vote bank. Of fear of losing power. Just for the greater good, lets hope, this change will come soon; where people will not be discriminated in basis of something that is supposed to be erased from all books and minds. And it will be all possible, when the other prevalent issues are worked upon. As a citizen, I will try my part to ensure that I can help as much as I can. And I will continue to dream.

Guest Post by Ananya Chakraborty
About the Author: Currently living in Jalandhar, Ananya Chakraborty is pursuing Mtech in Computer Science and Engineering. She loves reading and watching-that includes reading and watching everything.


  1. Thank you :)... But I hope this reaches out to many more people,.. because there are evils like poverty, illiteracy, corruption; which literally has been eating our nation's development from the core... And they are all needed to b attended to as soon as possible! I Hope!


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