Creepy, Broken Doll Makeup Tutorial

When I was little my bhaiya used to tell me a story about a creepy, broken doll that haunted the people of the house at night, slowly pushing them in the mouth of death. Maybe she was possessed by the spirit of a deceased serial killer ;) 
So today I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial of a spooky broken doll...

Hahahahahahaha.. Let the game begin…

  • To create doll skin, you can use any light foundation or concealer as base. The lighter, the better. (well! Don’t follow this when doing your normal makeup). However, I didn't have any lighter than my actual shade foundation, so I went with Kryolan Aqua color in 03 mixed with a bit of Kroylan white aqua color. You can use any color like poster color, water color, oil paint..but make sure your skin is happy with it. Apply the desired color all over your face and neck. If you are using anything cream/oil based, don’t forget to set it with powder of the same color.
  • To create a chiseled out doll face contour your cheekbones, accentuating your apples. Blend downwards to create a really sunken look. You can use your regular contour powder to get the look.
  • Now take the similar color around your eyes to add a tired, exhausted look. This would be the diffusing color.
  • Create sharp, structured jaw line using the same contour color.
  • Go on your neck with the same color adding accentuating your collarbone and also on the hollows of your throat.
  • Now take a charcoal black and add depth under eyes and on the crease area.
  • Now for creepy looking eyes I applied black gel liner on the lid and lower lash line. When applying the gel liner, just make sure the application is sharp and clean, so when you close your eyes you eyes will look completely hollowed out.
  • Apply dark brown eye shadows on eyebrows extending a little bit on the outer corners. You can block your eyebrows and draw thin dolly eyebrows if you want.
  • Time to get cracked. To create the cracks I used gel liner and drew random cracks on cheeks and forehead. I suck at doing polished cracks. To do a missing part you can draw a small triangular portion and color it black.You can wear big, black contact lenses too.
  • To finish off the look I just applied the same charcoal black eye shadow on the inner portion of my lips.

So that’s it. I had so much fun creating this look. If you recreate, don’t forget to tag me. Stay cool.. Have fun :)


  1. Kudos to you for such a marvellous job. The photography done superbly too darling. You look scary to the T .

  2. This is beyond wows and wahs!! Simply unbelievable!!

  3. That's creepy as hell. Looks amazing.

  4. its really haunting. madhu today i saw a dark side of you literally.

  5. OMG! You nailed it! Wonderful !

  6. Woww! That's really creepy. Loved it.


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