Bad Beti Makeup Tutorial: Skull face/ Skeleton mouth Tutorial

Bad Beti is the new Instagram craze that is taking the internet by storm. Desi women are channeling their inner bad-beti for some Halloween inspo.

A concept originally created by Hatecopy and Babbu the painter, Bad Beti in their words is- “From shaadi ka pressure to disappointing our folks with our career choice, she's got it all covered. We created a piece called #badbeti to promote for our new show and handed it over to MUA Jasmine Lakhesar to bring that look to life. And of course we forgot it was Halloween but what a nice coincidence! Lets keep sharing and creating wonderful work together.”

I created this look for mere fun, without the intention of hurting anyone. I didn't really have any plan to do a tutorial of this look. But requests for a tutorial kept pouring in and so here it is, a simple tutorial of Bad Beti Skeleton Makeup.

So all the bad beti in the house, it is time to raise your hands and your makeup game ;)

  • Start by prepping your skin. Clean your face and apply moisturizer. Apply dots of your favorite foundation all over the face and blend well. Apply corrector and concealer under your eyes and on any discoloration on the face.
  • Apply concealer on the lips too.
  • Powder face and lips to set the creamy base.
  • To do the skeleton mouth I have used a black smudgy pencil and Kryolan white aqua color. It is better to use a creamy white color because it is easy to blend, but unfortunately I didn’t have one. With the black pencil draw a line starting from the corner of the lip till the hollows of cheeks, on both the sides. Now apply lines of black pencil vertically. Draw teeth like shape with the white color in between the lines. Now with a small smudge brush smudge the lines filling in the hollows. Set set the smudgy kohl with black eye shadow.
  • Now draw the hollow of the nose with a black smudgy pencil and then set it with black eye shadow.
  • For eyes I went with black eye shadow on the lid taking them down towards the nose bridge. I applied gold eye shadow on the center of the lid and also on the lower lash line to add a glamorous touch.
  • For added effect, you can draw tears rolling down, third eye, chiseled cheekbone, etc.

  • Wear your favorite piece of jewelry and you are done J

 It is pretty simple and so much fun to do. Let me know if you like it or not..see you on my next post.. Have a happy and safe Diwali.. :) 


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