New Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick Swatches

Hello everyone,

Lakme’s Enrich range has been a universally favorite range since years and these enrich lipsticks are now available in a matte finish for the first time. From reds, pinks to wine, browns and oranges, they are available in a palette of 20 vibrant and trendy shades. And today I have come up with the swatches of these 20 lipsticks. There is something very intriguing about matte lipsticks which I can’t fathom… :P

First let us see what LAKME has to say about this range:-
Add some lovely colour to your lips with the Lakme enrich matte lipstick. Available in 20 showstopper shades, each of the Lakme enrich matte lipsticks gives you long lasting lip color. The shades are specially designed to give an even, luscious coat to your lips. The vitamin E content nourishes your lips and makes them soft and supple. The lipsticks also contain olive extracts that replenish your lips while hydrating them. The Lakme enrich matte lipsticks do not drag while applying and do not dry the lips. The lipsticks have a creamy matte texture that is comfortable to wear. The Lakme enrich matte lipsticks have the finish and color delivery of matte lipsticks, but the comfort of crème lipsticks. One coat and you are set to go.

Price: 295 each

Now the range is basically categorized into 5 shade families
RM, PM, OM, BM and WM, where…

RM is Red Matte,
PM is Pink Matte,
OM is Orange Matte,
BM is Brown Matte, and
WM is Wine Matte.
Now let us go through the swatches…






 So pick Lakme enrich matte lip color in your favourite shade, now... 


  1. Wow... pretty colours... I am going to pick some...

  2. Wow... pretty colours... I am going to pick some...

  3. Lovely matte shades :) Nice post Madhubani :)

  4. Madhubani those are some really pretty shades.The pink matte shades look the best.

  5. So pretty colors ! I love all of them!

  6. So pretty colors ! I love all of them!

  7. I'm getting PM11 and OM11 really soon...thank you for all swatches :*

  8. Madhu they all look so gorgeous!! Is it because of color or because of your hands?


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