CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick Divine Wine (372) Review, Photos, Swatches

Hello lovely ladies,

Today am here with a review of a lipstick from my friend’s stash. It is CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick Divine Wine (372).

What the company claims:-
CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick gives you rich, satisfying color in shades you can't help but crave!

  • Deliciously rich color infused with shea butter
  • Full coverage color, high shine intensity
  • Natural butters help keep lips supple
  • Lasting colour
The lipstick come housed in very pretty purplish pink colored case with the shade sample transparent section at the bottom. Very feminine, and looks very pretty. Shade number and name written at bottom. 
The lipsticks in the Colorlicious range have caps which indicate the color family they belong to, so if you buy a red lipstick from this range, it will come in a red colored case.

It is a perfect mixture of purple and pink. As per how pink or how purple it will show on your lips, it totally depends on your color of lips and skin tone.

The bullet looks matte, but once the color transfers to your lips it turns into a balmy, very moisturizing texture. It glides on your lips like butter and gives a satiny finish. 
I have dry lips and this keeps my lips moisturized for hours. 

Insanely pigmented. One swipe is enough for a full coverage.

Staying Power:-
It stays for almost 5-6 hours without meals. It transfers very easily and can't survive heavy meals. It leaves a gorgeous pink stain behind. 

Summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES:-

  • Beautiful color.
  • Creamy and soft texture.
  • Glides beautifully.
  • Settles into a satiny finish.
  • Keeps lips moisturized for hours.
  • Well pigmented.
  • Stays long.
  • Travel friendly, color coded packaging
  • Affordable


  • Transfers.
  • Not available in India.
Final Thoughts:-
Pretty color, insanely pigmented, glide on smooth, and lasts longer than I anticipated.  Had it been matte, I would have loved it more. But my friend rocks it and looks fabulous in this color. It suits her to a T. Don’t you think so?



  1. Simply awesome :) It's a pretty shade and looking great on both of you <3
    Natural Beauty And Makeup.

  2. Lovely be honest it dint look so great in tube but looks ravishing on you..

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  3. Lovely ! U both look beautiful ! ❤️❤️❤️👌🏼

  4. Woww what a lovely shade.I do not have any such shade in my stash.Loved the pink packaging.Nicely reviewed.

  5. The color is different :) Loved the swatches and FOTD's of you and your friend :) I wish covergirl was available in india :)


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