Swirl Nail Art for Beginners: Step by Step Tutorial

Hello my fabulous people,

An easy-to-do nail art design is what every girl would want. No matter if you are a pro at doing nail art or just a beginner, the easy nail arts make life a lot easier and colorful, that too in minutes. Today I am sharing one of my favorite nail arts which can be tried by the beginners with ease. In this nail art i have taken the help of a toothpick Toothpick is a great tool in nail art as it can be used as a dotting tool to create various simple to exquisite designs.

So let the tutorial begin…
  • Nail Paints (White, red and pink)
  • Clear coat
  • Toothpick

  • Apply a clear coat on your nails.
  • Apply white nail polish on half of the nails
  • Apply red on the other half.
  • Now on top of them (just where the white and red meet), apply a thin stripe of the pink polish.
  • With a toothpick start to make the swirl. Start from the center and swirl out. You have to do this on your wet nail polishes. You can also opt for other designs, just like I went random on my ring finger nail.
  • Let everything dry and apply the top coat to protect the manicure.

So that’s it. Isn't it very simple? Do try and let me know.. :)


  1. Very innovative thought.
    It looks pretty cool

  2. Amazing and i will try it soon and recreate it

  3. Wow, so creative and fun nail art Madhubani :) Amazing.

  4. Nail arts can't be this easy as you explain them... :/ nah nah... just can't accept ;)

  5. so easy to do !

  6. Awesome !!!!!!!!Thanks for the lovely post !

  7. Doing it today :) let's see if I can manage to do this :)


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