19 INCOLOR Matte Me Lip Creams Reviews, Swatches and LOTDs.

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Today I am super excited to present in front of you swatches and mini reviews of 19 stunning Incolor Matte me lip creams. Lip creams are totally in vogue now. This ‘neither lipstick nor lip gloss’ thing is the latest fad and people are going gaga over this new kind of lip color. And why shouldn't they be? Even I am a crazy lover of lip creams. So recently when I came across the samples of Incolor matte lip creams, I could stop myself from getting them. These lip creams are available in 19 gorgeous shades to suit your taste and your ever-changing need and mood.

So let us go through the swatches first…

Around 250 -300 INR

401:- A pretty rose pink.

402:- A super stunning, classic blood red.

403:- is a beautiful warm toned rosy pink

404:- A sexy orangey red.

405:- A beautiful fuchsia pink color with strong hints of purple.

406: A neonish coral

407 .:- A hot red with neutral undertones

408:- It’s a beautiful coral pinkish orange color with red undertones.

409:- An out and out orange! It is quite neon-ish.

410:- Similar to 409, just a little more wearable.

411:- A true purple which looks a tad pinkish when photographed.

412:- A nude shade with hints of coral.

413:- A gorgeous reddish orange.

414:- A cyber pink color.

415: A gorgeous brown with purple undertones.

416:  An orange with neutral undertones.

417:  This is a gorgeous coral pink shade, which just makes your face so bright.

418:- A peachy pink with neon lean.

419:- A burnt orange. (This shade looks bright in the photograph, but in real it is darker)

Texture is creamy, glides easily and settles in a matte finish in no time. You have to work super fast as it dries in a jiffy into a super duper matte finish, otherwise you’ll end up with patches. Also you have to be really careful while applying this, because once it sets, it becomes very difficult to remove. Super long-lasting and highly pigmented so you don’t have to worry about constant re-application. On me it stayed intact for 7 hours after which it started fading from the centre. Another thing I have noticed that the darker colors go on really smooth, but the lighter color go patchy. No clue why..!!

  • Stunning colors.
  • Matte finish
  • Sleek packaging (Well, these are sample sizes thus come in 3ml round bottles, whereas the actual size product come in a 6ml rectangular bottle, similar to SLEEK matte me lippies.)
  • Wand applicator for easy application
  • Creamy formula
  • Pigmented.
  • Long staying.
  • Easily available, both online and offline.

  • Most of the shades are excessively matte, thus feel drying on my lips.
  • Tends to highlight dry patches and fine lines.
  • Lighter color go on patchy.

Final Thoughts:-
Lip creams are in vogue and at this price, these lip creams are totally worth every penny. Only turnoff is, some of them feel so matte, like deserts.

Royal Cosmetics Store
 in Hogg Market
Mondol Stores in Hogg Market
Ray and Shaoo in Hogg Market
Emami Market, there is one makeup shop on first floor
Vardaan Market at Camac Street
Metro Plaza at Ho chi min Sarani

New Beauty Centre 
at Khar
Shops at Lokhandwala market
, Bandra
ALFA Cosmetics, Mulund
ALFA 2 in Irla market at Vile Parle West
Little World Mall at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Jyoti Cosmetics
 at Malviya Nagar, South Delhi
Saj Sajjaa at Malviya Nagar, South Delhi
Priya Cosmetics at Malviya Nagar, South Delhi
Gole Market at Central Delhi
Impressions at Karol Bagh

Jain Brothers 
at Richmond Town
Kumar Stores at Avenue Rd, Ganigarpet
Vaibhav Stores at Nagarathpete

So, have you tried any of the Incolor Mtte Me lip creams? If yes, let me know your favourites. If not, get hold of them fast  ;)



  1. wow..what a fabulous post..shades are such a treat to eyes..... I need them!! will try getting some of these....my favorites are 402, 403, 415

    1. 415 is my favorite too.. such an unique shade. And thanks a ton Renji for liking the posts. Means a lot :)

  2. Fabulous shades....
    I love all the colours. Very well reviewed.

  3. Amazinggg swatches... Madhubani! ❤️ Very well written and those 'where to buy' will be so helpful for everyone. Its easily avail in Mumbai but everywhr else .. Availability is a struggle.

    1. True.. availability is a struggle. its so hard to get any particular shade from the stores. There comes these insta stores to our rescue :P
      And thank you for the words Erica :)

  4. So pretty these are <3 Loved 415

    1. Thank you Bhumika. 415 is my favorite too. Such an unique shade..

  5. Awesome review. Great pics. Sexy stunning lips. Feeling greedy. Need to order ASAP

  6. Wow... great shades.. your lip swatches are tempting me to buy some...

    1. get them soon.. at least a few toh banta hai :D

  7. Hats off to you for doing so many lip swatches that being they are liquid lipstick... I can see that they are very drying and quite patchy as well.. I'd stick to the arezia matte me liquid lipstick I guess... Do give them a try.. They aren't as patchy as these are

    1. thank you Shreya.. :)
      and yes..few of them are drying and very patchy :(
      and thanks for the suggestion, i'll definitely try the arezia ones..

  8. Oh my god, what a bookmark material. Super Madhu

  9. *_*
    So much efforts you have put in..bravo :) Loved the pictures and review as well.

  10. OMG!!! What a beautiful swatches...loved each and every shade!

  11. Loved them, m coming over to loot you, hahahaha. Gorgeous and you are really awwsome to do that much effort to give swatch of each on lips. Hats off!!!

    1. Thank you Kanu.. aaja.. isi bahane mil toh legi.. :D

  12. Wowwwww. This must have taken sooo much effort. Kudos to you. Love the pictures as well :)

  13. rs
    Gorgeous swatches !It would be nice if you can do a post on your skincare routine .

  14. These are gorgeous.. there are more shades to this range, 3 of which i got from a nearby store.. i am so thinking of getting a few more.. btw, great job at lip swatching all of them. Where can i get a pack of these minis in Delhi?

    1. Ohh really... I thought they have only these 19 shades.. Thanks for letting me know.. I got it from an insta store.. you can contact them..
      search for a store name with incolorcosmetics.

  15. These are gorgeous.. there are more shades to this range, 3 of which i got from a nearby store.. i am so thinking of getting a few more.. btw, great job at lip swatching all of them. Where can i get a pack of these minis in Delhi?

  16. I did not liked the finish but the shades are pretty..I liked the light pink shades...Beautiful swatches.. :) :) :)

    1. Thank you Ritam :)
      yes.. finish is a turnoff.. wish they were not so drying..

  17. Super sexy swatches babe :) i wanna grab them all..thank you for insta store suggestion :)

    1. Thank you so much Anu.. :)
      Btw, love your blog name.. so well thought :)

  18. Hey where did you get these mini sized ones from? And how much did they cost each?

    If you bought from instagram,could u please name the store

    I use lippies on occasion and would love getting these instead of full sized ones

  19. OMG !!!!!!! I was like woww woww wowwww !!! Your lotd are so awesome !!!!!!!!Moreover your lips shape is naturally beautiful !! I so want to buy them ASAP ! What a great morning to start with !

  20. Incolor is not stocked by beauty centre khar i visited them last week.. also i hv nt spotted them here in mumbai yet.. bt these r so droolworthy...Lol
    how many lippies to stock on :p
    Thanks fr sharing ♥

  21. Woww. All the colours are so so pretty and drool worthy. It's in my wishlist now.

  22. Lovely shades :)) love each of them specially 405 and 401. Hope to buy soon :))

  23. Wow!! Lovely colour. I wish to wear 412, 416, 411:-)


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