The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel Review

I love using shower gels and keep trying my hands on different scents available in the market. The Body Shop is a well renowned skincare brand and is my favourite when it comes to delicious smelling body washes. Recently they have launched the “BRITISH ROSE” range. And today I am here with the review of the shower gel from this range.
Time to bloom like a British Rose with The Body Shop…

The Body Shop says:-
"Awaken your skin with the irresistibly dewy scent of roses. Our cleansing Shower Gel is infused with the essence of hand-picked roses from Britain to make showering feel blooming beautiful."

450 INR for 250 ml

It comes is a transparent bottle with screw open, flip-top cap. Sturdy and travel friendly.

My experience with The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel:-
When in the bottle, the body wash looks pale pink and when poured on hand it is clear, transparent gel. The product has a runny gel like consistency and a sensuous rose fragrance. Floral fragrances generally don’t suit my sensitive nose but this British Rose scent is perfect - not overpowering at all for me. It smells like fresh roses and leaves my skin feeling clean but not overly dry. A small amount is needed and it lathers up really well on the body puff. It doesn't make the shower slippery. The smell lingers on me for hours and makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated. My whole house smells like a rose garden.

Summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES:-

What I LIKE about The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel:-
  • Alluring, sensuous and a very feminine fragrance.
  • Soap-free cleanser.
  • Small amount is needed.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Lathers well.
  • Cleanses well.
  • Doesn’t over dry skin.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Reasonably priced. I don’t mind paying more for a product I love to bits.

What I don’t like about The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel:-
  • None as such.

Final Thoughts:-
I love shower gels from The Body Shop. I have used all of their variants and I am kind of obsessed with their fragrances. I can’t have enough of them. But this one is special in their range, unique and just feels much more luxurious. I love how it fragrances me and the whole house. I see myself repurchasing this again.

Grab a bottle of this natural and fragrant shower gel as soon as you can. You are going to love it. I am planning to buy the exfoliating gel body scrub and the lotion from this range too. 


Have you tried anything from the "British Rose' range? Let us know... 


  1. I love this fragrance :D Reviewed superb :*

    1. thanks honey.. which one are you using from the range?

  2. Woww! I can imagine the fragrance hehe. Have never used shower gel with rose fragrance. I really need to try this out :)

  3. Let me share this with my cousin brother, he has the habit of using body gel, btw, is it for men also?

    1. i dont think men are going to like this feminine rose fragrance. However there are many from TBS which men love :)

  4. wow... it seems a worth try product... I am going buy this after finishing my recent one...Thank you

    1. do try it Snigdha.. if no t the shower gel, give the body lotion or the scrub try

  5. I love TBS shower gels...have to try this asap!

  6. Trying their hand cream & loving it

  7. Body shop is always amazing, it comes with really good stuff.

    1. especially the body washes aand body butters/lotions.. :D

  8. I can literally feel the texture, the amazing aroma of this product! Very nice review!!! I am definitely going buy it soon !!
    Nice pictures!!

    1. get it soon Jinjin.. you are going to love it..

  9. I love rose fragrance products, i will try this product ....


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