Summer Sunflower Nail Art Step-by-Step Tutorial

Sunflowers are appealing for their bright color and the vibrance that they bring to the landscape. Blooming commonly in summers, I feel there can be nothing more soothing than the view of a field of Sunflowers in the scorching summers. So today I thought of doing a summery sunflower nail art. It is so easy to do and I hope you enjoy this sunflower nail art design!

What I used:-
  • Nail polishes. (Bright yellow, shimmery brown, black, green, white)
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paint brush
  • Hair clip (used as dotting tool)


  • Paint a black French manicure.
  • I drew flowers only on three nails, leaving the ring and index devoid of flowers. Well, you can draw flowers on all nails. So using the shimmery brown nail polish I draw the center of the flowers on the three nails.
  • Now take the yellow nail polish and draw petals. Paint the petals little bit smaller on the sections where there is no more space.
  • Now using the green polish draw leaves.
  • Time for detailing. This totally depends on you; like how much in detail you want to go. I prefer basic shading and highlighting. So I just took the same brown nail polish and filled in between the petals concentrating on the lower part of the petals. Then I mixed the green and black to get a darker shade of green with which I shaded the leaves. With white nail polish I just added a few tiny dots beside the leaves. With the black polish I applied tiny little dots over the brown polish on the center of the flower.
  • For the other two nails on which I didn't draw the flowers, I just applied yellow dots on the smile line of my nails; first one big and then getting smaller as you move from one side to another. i encircled my vote ink with yellow dots too.
  • Let everything dry, apply top coat and you are done.

I am not a great painter and moreover, don't know why I had really shaky hands today and thus the drawing didn't come out the way i wanted to . Just hope you find this tutorial useful. And hope you like it in spite of the not so tidy work . Don’t forget to pour in your comments , suggestions and give a G+ if you like it.


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