NAIL ART: Raindrops on my nails

Hey everyone..

How are you guys doing? I am really really happy today. It has finally started raining here and nothing makes me happier than seeing and feeling the refreshing drops of rain gently landing upon the thirsty ground. Rain makes everything better. It helps me to concentrate, relax, and sleep. So today while I was sitting idle on my couch watching the raindrops coming down the window pane, this idea stuck me. Why not create a “Raindrops nail art”? 

And it took me just a few minutes.
So sharing this ridiculously easy, just 2 step tutorial for you all.. 

Things I Used:
  • A matte blue nail polish (You can use any other nail polishes. It is just that the raindrops look more prominent on a matte base)
  • A top coat (Time to use your old, gloopy top coats.)

  • Paint all your nails with the base color. Let the color dry completely.
  • Once dry, begin making drips and drops with the clear top coat. And you are done..!!

See, I told you it is ridiculously simple. Another thing, you have to be really patient with this manicure. It takes time for nails to fully dry, so be patient.
And that's the election ink :P

Hope you guys like it. Pour in your comments and don’t forget to give a G+ if you like it. :) 


  1. wow. . lovely and super simple... I will try....

  2. I thought the splatter one was easy
    .. but this one is too good! Will try it soon :)

  3. I thought the splatter one was easy
    .. but this one is too good! Will try it soon :)

  4. my god... I'd never be able to do that :-p I am so clumsy with my polish... ur nails look awesome :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

  5. Soo sweet and simple will try it for sure!!

  6. I totally love this nail art. It looks so amazing.

  7. I am going to try it for sure. This is so pretty.

  8. It looks really nice but I think it will ake a really long time to get dry completely?


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