Happy Mother's Day, Papa... :)

In the life of many creative persons we often notice success and failure oscillating between light and darkness with occasional clashes. Through a torturous journey, many reach their desired destination. Yet, if these clashes and struggles become tougher and prolonged, many persons invariable change their course. My father Sadhan Chakraborty is an exception. 

Being a single Dad and raising a child on your own is tough; I would say it is one of the toughest jobs in the whole world. I lost my mother at a tender age of 15.  She passed unexpectedly; I was shocked and had just been up crying on and off. My father was shunned too; the skyline of his world crumbled. The day of her passing was one of the most transcendent moments of our lives.
We were in mourning—feeling grief and sorrow at the loss. And at that time, my daddy accepted the responsibility of raising me alone and pledged to become a better dad from that day. There is a myth exists that mothers are the only ones who is doing it all by themselves and the men of the family vanishes from the scene when the going gets tough. But it is not right always...

He swallowed all his sweet desires to do what was right in the name of my happiness. From cooking, packing my ‘tiffin’ for the school to doing dishes and ironing my dresses; he did them all by himself. And ohh..!! He had to rush to work on time as well. He got exhausted at the end of the day, but never said anything. Only his watery eyes, tired from the exhaustion of the day long grind were his words. And did I tell you? He never went to sleep unless I was asleep..just like mothers do.. right?  

Then came the time when he had to leave his job at the defence to give more time to me. Yes, I used to stay alone in the house and that’s what disturbed him. He didn’t want to see me feeling lonely and cribbing about life. You know how things can be stupidly difficult for a teenage girl. He just tried to be a good father and a good mother. He tried to put a grateful and positive spin on every situation; telling himself that he is doubly blessed to play the role of both my mom and dad. 

Little I knew how sad he actually was, how lonely he actually felt. Only painting could provide him some respite from this suffering. Yes, he was a painter by passion which later became his profession. His paintings were the beautiful amalgamation of various dreams and experiences of daily life.

I am so proud to call him my Papa.

Cheers to the dads who have to fulfill the role of both parents. Cheers to the moms who are single and are awesome. Cheers to every mom and dad for being there for us. Cheers to Parenthood :)

Lastly, Happy birthday Maa and Papa.. Even though I can not see you two, I feel that you both are near. Please do not forget me, for you two are always in my heart, my thoughts and prayers. Love you both. And no matter where you are, celebration toh banta hain..


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  2. I am sure they must be happy to see you grow from a child to an older child with all the innocence intact. I am convinced that they have probably left no stone un-turned to raise you up into a good human being with the limited amount of time they had for you. Happy Birthday to such an awesome Mom and Dad.

  3. They are blessed to have you as their daughter and you are blessed to have them in your life maybe not for long but for lovely moments in life. They will be proud to see how amazing thier daughter had become.

  4. I am sure they are proud to have you as their daughter ... Another lovely note from you...so emotional...

  5. Speechless. Hats off to your Dad.

  6. lovely post !!!! enjoy the fullest with your father dear !!

  7. Beautiful read at the same time so emotional.

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