Should I cast my Vote?

Voting is quite a prevalent term under the current political scenario of India. In-fact it has gained its importance since independence. Every Vote that we, i.e. the citizens of India cast decides the fate of our Councillors, MLAs and MPs. Through this representative form of casting votes the Prime Minister, Chief Minister and other Ministers are elected. 

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Going by the outer picture of exercising this Constitutional Right it seems to be quite a meaningful task. But when it comes to a population of around 130 Crores, one might argue that it hardly matters. Just a single vote cannot make such a big difference. And there lies the catch. Refraining oneself to exercise their power actually leads to corrupt practices. It is that single person’s valuable vote which he/she undervalues which gives the anti-socials to take up this golden opportunity to cast a false vote in place of that original voter. The harshest reality is that not only am I losing on my right but also helping someone to take 
advantage of it. Do you really want to do give this opportunity?

Elections generally take place during summers. Don’t know the logic behind it, might be to discourage citizens to cast their vote. Disregarding the underlying reason behind such schedule, date of Voting becomes eventful as it is declared as a paid holiday under Section 135B under Representatives of People Act, 1951No school, colleges remain open and even the employees have the luxury of that holiday guaranteed. Under such a scenario few are lazy enough to spend the entire day back at home and not to lose their glamour under the scorching sun just to cast a vote. I have also witnessed a few who has the audacity to flaunt regarding their sloppiness. How irresponsible of them.

Another strong factor that negates us to vote is to have a pre-conceived notion of the candidate losing which we support. I would say that it is like losing a match before I actually come on field and play. It is also like giving a walk-over to the opponent team. Even if I am on the losing side is there any harm in reducing the gap between the loser and the winner? Let me put it in this way. If I have filed a nomination and I get just a single vote in place of zero, which one do you think is still a better way of losing? 

This often confused as a Fundamental Right, which is actually a Constitutional Right gives us a lot of power. We, more often than not tend to oversee it. With the introduction of NOTA since last Parliament elections it has been a blatant step on the part of Government to encourage voting i.e. adult suffrage. With NOTA coming into play, it had created a lot of impact on those who would have refrained from voting since they had no candidate on whom they can utilize their vote. Although its post inception results has not been impressive, many finding it as a ‘useless attempt’ or ‘blunt sword’, but it still has a big impact in 
Indian political scenario. That also makes me think of a situation where if someday the percentage of NOTA is more than the highest number of votes obtained by any candidate in that constituency.

Last but not the least I have more than one good enough reason to cast my vote and will not waste this opportunity which generally comes once in 5 years. Casting of vote is a privilege unlike a few nations where people are no more elected. And if we stop voting diligently, the little bit of democracy that exists in India will be gone forever. 

-Written by Indrayudh Dey

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  1. It is our right as well as duty; just if its importance is taken seriously!

  2. Oh yes Ananya. Even the Constitution speaks about Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties. We, are very much aware and is sensitive towards Fundamental rights but is equally unresponsive towards our duties.


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