MAC Atlantic Blue eye shadow: Review, Swatches, Dupes, FOTD

Hello my gorgeous ladies,

Hope you all are doing really well. Spring is here and this year it came like suddenly bursting upon the world? Don’t you think so? But no matter how it came, spring, with all its splendor, all its birds and blossoms, is one of my most favorite seasons. 

Coming to today’s post, I’ll be reviewing a cult favorite eye shadow from MAC today, it is MAC Atlantic Blue. Well I was looking for this since years, and finally got hold of it on my last trip to Mumbai. So here goes the review…

MAC says:-
A highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well.

The eye shadow comes housed in a traditional MAC black pot. It has neither a mirror inside, nor an applicator. The transparent lid helps in detecting the shade from outside. The pot further comes inside a cardboard box.

The shade is named so accurately. It is a bright blue eye shadow tinged with violet. It is such a unique and interesting color and I am truly in love with the shade.

This is such a turnoff. It is no doubt very soft and smooth to touch, but once you try to transfer the product on your lids, it feels chalky and vanishes in no time. Blending is very difficult and frustrating.

Color payoff and Staying Power:-
The color in the pot is really nice. But if I put it on my eyelid you can hardly see anything. It has no color payoff. I mean I don’t know where it vanishes every time. It works better only if you’re using it over small areas like patting lightly on the outer corners of your eyes or on crease area for a gradual fade, otherwise it just vanishes. A
lso I find that when you use both a primer and a white base, the color is a lot more vibrant. 

Summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES:-

  • Stunning color.
  • Love the smooth satiny matte feel.
  • Texture is very soft and smooth to touch.
  • Can be used both wet and dry.
  • Color payoff is really nice. ( It is the chalkiness which is the culprit)

  • Dry and chalky. Needs a good base every time to work well.
  • The pigments just vanish when you try to blend.
  • Needs primer to stay long, to blend well.
  • It remains OOS like forever.

DUPE Allert:-
Well I found a dupe of this few days back. Miss Claire eye shadow in shade  is a very close match of MAC Atlantic Blue. It has similar qualities too.

Final thoughts:-
I always look to MAC for shadows, but Atlantic blue fell short for me. I love the color and that is the reason why I bought it. But the texture is such a turn off. It is not a "dab, blend and 
go" kind of an eye shadow, you have to be really patient with this. 



  1. OMG...LOVE it on you though!!! :D But yes, paying that much for a poor pigmentation shadow can be a big turn off :(

  2. This is so gorgeous. I thought Mac products are very good, but this seems not. And beautifully clicked pictures :) so fresh

    1. I never had issues with any of my MAC buys other than this.. in fact there are products from MAC which are worth the money..


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