The Blushing bride: Aparajita Sengupta

Aparajita, she isn’t someone who is just always there for me, she is someone who understands me a bit more (actually a lot more) than I understand myself. A true friend is the greatest of all blessings and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. 
And today, I’ll be featuring this very special person on the “Blushing Bride” section and shall give you a glimpse of her journey from a Bridezilla to a quintessential Bengali bride. Writing a post about your best friend and her wedding is truly over whelming.

There are two types of brides. The first category comprises the coy, blushing bride who has dreamt of a perfect fairy tale weddin
g for as long as she can remember. Hunting for ideas, she flips through magazines, browses online, checks out social media profiles of each and everyone who is getting married or got married and get hooked on everything which speaks “Bridal”. And then, there is the other type (read ME) who are in strict denial of the fact that their wedding is fast approaching (OMFG, just a month left?) and still don’t have a clue about what to wear!!! Aparajita definitely belonged to the first category. She spent months stressing over every single detail, from choosing photographers, selecting make artist to searching for perfect venue decoration ideas and planning the honeymoon. "Eating our heads" became one of her favorite pastimes. But what a wedding she had…!! :)


Bengali bride epitomizes the Indian beauty as they are clad in beautiful red benarasi saree with gold jewellery and Alta (a red color liquid applied on hands and feet). She was the quintessential Bengali bride—beautiful, traditional and elegant. Yes, she had the grace, charm and poise much beyond petty hotness; she has the ability to kill with her eyes. I loved her whole look. It was truly an emotional moment for me when I first saw her as a bride.

She had decided on a fiery red banarasi saree with gold zari, gold jewellery with yester-years Bengali designs (The “Kaan Jhumka was worn by her mother on her wedding too!) and Aalta instead of mehendi.

Her makeup was perfect to a T. I am especially in love with her eye makeup. So bridal and so beautiful. Also loved the minimal chandan work. Don't miss t
he bridal glow :)
To my UTTER surprise and amazement, MUA used drugstore products on her. She showed us that you don’t need to go bankrupt buying products from high end brands to look good on your wedding. Even drugstore brands can work magic.
I have listed the stuff the MUA used on her. Have a look!

  • Kryolan TV paint sticks in four different shades as the base foundation and contouring.
  • A random eyeshadow palette from VOV.
  • Lakme eye quartet in shade Desert Rose.
  • The golden shade in Lakme quartet served as her highlighter.
  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara.
  • Lakme Insta liner.
  • Elle 18 kajal !!!!!!! She used a black eyeshadow from the palette to intensify the kajal.
  • A yellow translucent powder to set the makeup.
  • MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. The MUA topped it with a bit of “Cherry Red” from Avon to add a bit of sheen in the centre.
  • A dusty pink blush with slight golden shimmer.
  • Two three pancakes of orangish and yellowish tints which she used with a wet sponge on her hands and back. 

Attire and Jewellery:-
Her super cool mom-in-law had chosen a pink banarasi saree for the day just as she had wanted! It had a contrasting emerald green pallu which actually made the pink stand out more.

Like her wedding look, her reception look was also very much ‘Bong’. Her eyes had touches of old, pink and brown eye shadow to complement her saree.  A rose pink blush and L’oreal Pure Reds lipstick “Pure Amaranthe” was used to round off her looks.

She looked gorgeous and every inch a perfect Bengali bride. The man whom she got married to, Subhadeep, is a gem of a person. Coming together in hope, joined by a promise and united in love. Wishing you both an eternity of love and happiness together... 

Makeup Artist: Mrs. Geeta Das
Photo Credits: Camaraderie Bonds (Check their Facebook Page HERE)

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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeee :D what a surprise :D thankuuuuu :D love u loads

  2. Where did she get her benarasis from?

  3. Madhubani Chakraborty please explain as to how choosing a certain color of Benarasi makes someone cool or uncool.

    1. Dear Anonymous, where did I mention that choosing a certain color of Benarasi makes someone cool or uncool? Kindly enlighten!
      I guess you need to reread the post.


  4. Dear Madhubani,where didn't you mention that choosing a certain color of Benarasi makes someone cool or uncool?Enlightenment of the same is given below!I guess you need to reread the post.
    Attire and Jewellery:-
    Her super cool mom in law had chosen a pink benarasi for the day just as she wanted!

    1. Read properly and then comment.
      I called her mother in law cool and not the benarasi saree or it's color.

    2. Also hiding behind anonymity to attack others on social media is a cheap act of cowardice.. and that's not cool.


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