Maybelline ColorShow Go Graffit Star Struck Nail Polish Review and NOTD

Hello lovely ladies,

Today I’ll be reviewing a newly launched nail polish from Maybelline. Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands and their COLORSHOW nail paints are not only my favourite, but are also loved throughout the globe. So today’s review is on Maybelline Color Show Go Graffit Star Struck Nail Polish 802.

What company claims:-
Bringing New York Street Art in a bottle under the much-loved Color Show franchise, Maybelline New York presents the all new color Show Go Graffiti; a range of nine nail polishes with special innovation effects that will keep you captivated this Spring Summer
Now get nail art at your convenience with interesting effects that form the COLORSHOW Graffiti range

The nail polish comes in cute, tiny transparent round bottle with black screw cap applicator. The brush is of good quality and is just the right size and shape to get the polish on my nails in neat strokes.

It is basically a transparent top coat with micro white circular pieces and hexes. There are also medium dark blue and sky blue hexes and big white five point stars. You can wear it over any other colored nail polishes or can wear it on bare nails as well. When worn over black and dark blue nail polishes, it definitely looks like glittering stars in the dark night sky. It looks stunning. I never fail to get compliments.

Texture:- This gel like, non-gloppy polish goes on smooth on my nails. They go evenly and beautifully despite the circular pieces and hexes. It dries up super fast.

With a single coat, it covers up and deposits enough of those innovative pieces. With the second coat it firmly sets the previous coats and the hexes and stars.

Staying power:-If the white stars are not placed and set properly, then they start chipping off within a day. Thus if you pay a little attention while applying the polishes, you can easily solve this problem. I have really round nails and thus I face this problem with stars pretty often.
Otherwise it stays on my nails for about a week without chipping. After that it starts chipping from the tip. It needs re-doing thereafter.

Time for NOTDs... :D

Summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES:-

What I LIKE about Maybelline ColorShow Go Graffit Star Struck Nail Polish 802:-
  • It's nail art in a bottle.
  • Looks stunning.
  • Gel like consistency.
  • Non-gloppy texture.
  • Long lasting designs. Lasts for 7 days which is quite impressive.
  • The brush is of right shape and size.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Decent quantity.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.

What I Don’t Like about Maybelline ColorShow Go Graffit Star Struck Nail Polish 802:-
  • Removing the polish is really a pain.

Final Thoughts:-
The spring summer collection launched by Maybelline is absolutely awesome, must try for all. This is actually a designer top coat nail polish. But when worn on bare nails, it looks equally gorgeous. The special innovation effects will keep you captivated.

5/5 :)


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