Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello lovely ladies,

I am a Dove Shampoo and Conditioner lover. Nothing provides a better moisture boost to my dry, frizzy hair than Dove shampoos and conditioners. So when Dove launched the new “Oxygen Moisture” range, I was naturally excited and rushed to the store to get hold of the shampoo and conditioner from the range.

Company description:-
Breathe life into dry, dull hair.
Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo is a transparent, lightweight formula enriched with Oxyfusion Technology. Its oxygen-fused moisturizing ingredients help to gently cleanse and moisturize hair, to give it bounce and a thicker look.
Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner is a lightweight formula enriched with Oxyfusion Technology that delicately moisturizes hair and restores smoothness, without weighing it down. Leaving your hair smooth, bouncy and thicker looking. 

The shampoo comes in a white bottle with blue flip-top cap and the conditioner in a white squeeze tube with blue flip-top cap. The blue-white combination is very soothing to eyes. 

Product description:-The shampoo is very pale blue which looks almost transparent when poured on palm. It had a runny consistency. The conditioner has a balanced consistency and can be easily squeezed out of the tube. The shampoo and the conditioner have mild fragrances, not at all strong and feel really nice.

My Experience witDove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner:-The shampoo lathers well and cleanses easily. The texture is too runny and often slips out of palm and fingers. The shampoo gives a squeaky clean feel in just one wash. 
The texture of the conditioner is soft and thus it is very easy to apply. After washing, hair becomes easy to comb, soft and manageable. It delicately smoothes hair without weighing it down. 

After almost finishing off the bottles, I can say, it has not done anything extraordinary to my hair dryness. For treating my super dry hair, I need a conditioner which is dense and super creamy. Dove shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, which I usually use, are more moisturizing than these and thus they work better on my hair. With this my hair feels soft only the day I shampoo and returns to its normal dry texture again in a day or two. But it is okay for me, as I shampoo every alternate day.

So summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES:-

What I liked about Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner:-
  • Shampoo gently cleanses and conditioner gently moisturizes.
  • Gives bounce and natural volume.
  • Love the mild fragrance. It leaves my hair with an amazing fresh feel.
  • Cleansed my hair perfectly without over drying.
  • Conditions and smoothes hair without leaving residue
  • Conditioner eases the combing procedure.
  • Gentle enough to use it every day.
  • Come in aesthetically pleasing, blue and white travel friendly packaging.
  • Pocket friendly.

What I didn't like about Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner:-
  • I wish the conditioner was creamier.
It seems nothing can tame my frizzes ;) 

Final Thoughts:-

The result is almost same as all of their previous shampoos and conditioners, except thrange formulated for dry hair which is more moisturizing.  One of the main reasons I try out different products is to experience something new. The only apparent difference is in the packaging. Rest is same. But overall they are decent products, great if you have normal hair, and I guess it would also work on oily hair.

RATING: 3.5/5


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