Friday, 22 June 2018

Easy and Quick Glam Summer Makeup Tutorial

So, how is the summer treating you so far? Super amazingly? :P
I am not a summer person, to be precise, an Indian summer person. I absolutely hate May and June in India and the last 2 weeks were terrible and intolerable beyond words. Yesterday we had a fun gathering and guess what? It was a morning event. Being an introvert and also a summer hater, I did my best to avoid attending it. But fate had something else planned and I had to go.
For the event I quickly thought up a look. I didn’t want a heavy makeup, yet wanted something that will be different, look fabulous and most importantly will go with the sultry summer.

The look came out pretty nice and I thought why not share it with you all. In any case, someone complained that I only do dramatic night looks and not an easy morning one. So everyone, here it goes... 

For this look, you can do your base first and then move on to your eye makeup. I didn’t go for a heavy base and a layer of BB cream over my usual moisturizer just worked fine. However you can use foundation, concealer and everything else that you want to use.

Now lets move on to the eye makeup:
Groom your browns and apply a wash of skin colored eye shadow all over your eye lid.

Now take a coral brown eye shadow on a fluffy brush and move to and fro on your crease.
On the same fluffy brush take a warm pink eye shadow and just apply it on the socket line, concentrating more on the outer corners. Blend and merge the eye shadows well.
Now once everything is nice and blended, take a champagne satiny eye shadow and just pack it on the centre of the lid. Blend the harsh lines.
Now that your lid is done, let us move on to the lower lash line. For this I opted for a bright bluish purple eye liner pencil, you can go for any other color or just your usual black as well.
Now taking a smudger brush, smudge the stroke of liner a little. My brush had some residue of black kohl, and thus it added little of the it which gave a nice gradient look. So you can try that as well. 
Finally add loads of mascara/ natural looking falsies to round off the look.


A swirl of a peachy coral blush on each cheek. Again, highlighter is optional. For lips I went for a peach colored lipstick. 

And that is it, my look is done and that too in minutes.

At the end of the day I just added some black kohl on the lower lash line, over the blue and on the outer corner of my lids and smudged well with my finger. This instantly transformed the look from a soft glam morning look to a glam night look. 

The eyeshadows are from Coastal Scents 252 eye shadow palette. The liner is bought from a local market in South Korea. The name and shade number is hard to read. The mascara is Loreal Volume Million Lashes. The kohl I used on my waterline for the night look is a mix of Lakme Eyeconic and Faces Longwear Eye pencil. The BB cream was by Sugar Cosmetics and the blush is Coral by Ben Nye. The lipstick is Little Bo Peach by Sugar Cosmetics again. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

5 Best Kajal / Kohl Pencils available in India Under 500

Best Kajal / Kohl Pencils available in India Under 500

We Indian women are known to the world for our classic beauty; long black hair teased by the wind, a bindi gracing our forehead and eyes that can pierce through toughest of souls; and kajals or kohls as they say now, play an important role in enhancing the beauty of those peeps.
It has been years since I have bonded with kajals (was probably the first ever cosmetic I used) and if you ask me to pick one makeup product I would have to spend my life with, it has to be a kajal pencil; I can hardly imagine myself without it. Actually not only me, they have become a kind of staple cosmetic for every woman around the globe, accentuating and beautifying eyes since time immemorial.
Coming back to today’s post, many people ask me about my favourite kajal pencils or kohls. This is the most common question I face. A few even said that how come being a kohl lover I don’t have a review or a post related to kohl on my blog. True that! I have never reviewed a kajal on my blog till now. Reason being, the products I use are very common, almost everyone knows about them and I don’t really experiment with different brands of kohls and repurchase only those which I am very comfortable with, and the list is very small.
Yet, your request is my command and here I am today with a list of my favourite kajals, that too in a budget of Rs 500.

So, heres to gorgeous, sultry, intense jet black eyes…

MRP: 399 INR
My most favourite. I have used so many kajals from so many different brands till now, both drugstore and high end, but the love I have for this one is irreplaceable. The color is intense, the texture is beautiful and staying power is amazing beyond words. It even stays on my waterline forever. Once it sets, it will not budge or fade. It has amazing staying power on oily lids as well. Totally in love with this pencil. Black Sparkle from this range is another stunning shade.

MRP- 520 INR
Well, not exactly within 500, but a little higher. But this is my second favorite and I had to include it. Jet black, matte finish, soft and creamy, amazingly pigmented and very very long staying. You can wear it as a eyeliner, a kajal or can also create mysterious smokey eyes by smudging it with the smudger attached on another end. This too is suited for oily lids. But again, it sets super fast, so you have to be super quick when smudging.

MRP:- 179INR
This is a bomb in budget. Matte black, easily glides on waterline and lid, super pigmented, smudge-proof and has an pretty good staying power. This is my most favourite within 200 INR. You can hardly go wrong with this. Just one issue, it takes a little more time to set, so you have to be patient. Once it sets, you don’t have to worry for the next 5-6 hours.

I totally ignored this beauty until last year, when I had to buy this because the Faces Magnet Eyes was not in stock. And ohh boy! I am hooked now. This is insanely pigmented, so creamy and soft, great for creating a smudged smoky look. I wear this pretty often, especially when I need to get a smudged look, and for once it didn’t disappoint me. I just apply, smudge super quickly for that smokey effect and after that once it sets, it doesn’t move.

This is not just a kajal, this is an emotion. Yes, I agree that it doesn’t have the intensity or staying power like the ones I mentioned above, but Maybelline Colossal Kajal is very close to my heart. It was my first ever ‘expensive’ cosmetic buy and it reminds me of those days with makeup, when I was just trying to ease out into the world of makeup, buying a decent kajal, a decent matte red lipstick, a blush, etc. I still wear this and always have a backup. They have a super black version of this as well. But to me, this works just fine.

I am done with top 5 favorites of mine, but another one I would like to add to the list and it is Plum NaturStudio Kohl, it has a beautiful gel-liner like performance, is insanely pigmented, smudge proof and long staying. But, I don't have it currently with me to show you pictures. It is priced at 495 INR currently.

So, that’s it, the best kajal pencils that are easily available in India and are my absolute favoritete that the ones I mentioned above are my personal favourites, they work beautifully on me, but that doesn’t mean they will work equally good on you. Our skin types might be different, so the performance of the products might vary as well. I advise you to go to the store and test them at the counter before buying. That way, you won’t be disappointed at the end.
Also, don’t forget to let me know about your favourite kajal pencils. J Do our choices match?

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist Review

Hello everyone,

A few months ago when I was at the The Body Shop store to get my shower gel, I bumped into this while randomly going through the counters. I was really intrigued because it was a facial mist (if you don’t know, I love facial mists), it was from my favorite The Body Shop Vitamin E range (especially the TBS Vitamin E cream) and the thing that mostly attracted me was the 50% off written on the counter.

So read to know if The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, a random buy of mine, is worth buying or not…

The Body Shop says:-
“A quick skin pick-me up and excellent for setting make-up. Spritz it on for instant refreshment, moisture, and protection. With a delicate rosewater scent.”

INR 895 for 100ml. I bought it when it was on discount at The Body Shop.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist:-

PACKAGING and PRODUCT Description:-
Lets start with the packaging. It is a simple, sturdy pale pink plastic bottle with a transparent cap and spritzer. Love the fuss free packaging.

The product is itself clear liquid and 2-3 sprays are enough to cover my entire face. It has a strong rose fragrance which vanishes within a few minutes.  I have a sensitive nose, but this one doesn't really bother me.  The product takes about 30 minutes to fully set when used on clean skin and about a minute when used over makeup, which I don’t think is too bad.

The first impression:-
The first time I used this, it was at The Body Shop store and was a tester. It was a scorching, itchy summer day and as I sprayed this on my face, I was instantly rewarded with a very comfortable and soothing feeling and the itchy feeling I was having for a while just vanished. I bought the baby home and since then I have been using this every now and then.

When I use/ When you can you as well-
·         Need a moisture boost? Spray once or twice and pat with fingers.
·         Feeling tired? Spray to feel refreshed instantly.
·         Use it as a primer before makeup.
·         Use it to set makeup for that dewy finish.

An absolute love or was just an infatuation!
As I said before, I love face mists and that was the main reason for buying this, and that’s how I love using this the most. It feels really refreshing in the hot summer days, freshening up my whole face and makeup. Sometimes I just use it as a moisturizer after washing my face, the moisture boost it provides without making my skin look oily and sticky is incredible. It didn’t break me out or formed any closed comedones. It keeps my face soft, supple, glowy and hydrated. The dewy glow is impeccable. While sometime I use this for setting makeup as well, but I just love to use this alone. However, you can definitely use this over your makeup for that dewy finish , just keep the quantity in mind. Overdoing can melt and move your makeup. When I used to set my makeup, my makeup stays longer and looks more natural. I prefer to spray, wait for few seconds and then gently sponge for a seamless finish. I also love the fact that it is a clear liquid.

So overall, this is love

WORDS of CAUTION: The Potential pain:-
I have normal skin that becomes a little dry in winter and a little oily in summer (if that makes sense) and this product suited me very well. But while going through reviews on Google, I found that many people were complaining of pimple attack after using this. So I would advise to use it wisely. Just don’t overuse. Keep the quantity in mind; too much can lead to pimple attacks and can also cause your makeup to melt down. So don’t use for than 2-3 sprays.
Also, don’t forget to close your eyes before spraying this on your face.

Are you the ideal person for this product?
If you need a face mist with moisturizing properties, then this is your thing. I would personally recommend this mostly to people with normal and dry skin. Oily skinned beauties, try to get hold of 1 or 2 sample sachets first to see if it suits you. Or buy when there is a discount, that way it won’t hurt much if it doesn’t work on you. Also this wont suit your need if you are person who loves matte finish.

Lets Sum Up the PROs and CONs:- (Again? Yes, because all the ranting wasn’t enough)
What I absolutely love about The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist:-
Gives an instant moisture boost.
Refreshes skin.
Gentle on skin.
Gets absorbed fast.
Skin feels soft, supple.
Doesn’t feel greasy.
Imparts a healthy glow.
Works as a primer before makeup.
Can be used to set makeup as well.
Adds a dewy finish to your makeup.
Decent fragrance.
One bottle will last for about 3 months even if used regularly.
Nice, travel-friendly packaging.
Easily available.

What you may not like about The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist:-
It might break you out, especially if you have an oily skin.
If you are looking for a matte finish, this isn’t for you.

Closing Ceremony: MY FINAL THOUGHTS:-
A lovely, lightweight moisturizing facial mist, perfect to add a moisture boost to my skin, refresh face on the go and also to set make-up. The bottle is travel-friendly, the spray is very fine, the fragrance decent. I have used this throughout the year and it seriously fits every season. It makes my face adequately moisturized, gives a dewy finish without looking greasy. I carry this in my bag, and love it’s refreshing touch. 
The spray dispenser is a beauty.

4/5 J

Do you love face mists? Which is your favorite? Have you tried The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist? Let us know :)


You can check the review of the The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB cream HERE.

Monday, 18 June 2018

The Blushing Bride: Ankhi Nath

Hello everyone,
It’s my favorite day again and I am super excited to bring you another beautiful Bengali Bride and her bridal story. This section means so much to me, not only because we are able to share stories about real life brides to give you some serious inspiration, but also because it gives me an immense pleasure to see the brides glow on their special days. The feeling I get while going through their stories, their pictures of blossoming from girl to bride is truly overwhelming.

Today on “Blushing Brides” we have a very pretty lady with us, Ankhi Nath. Her wedding had a mix of classics and trends and she was literally glowing with happiness.
Let us have a look.

How did you guys meet?
“6 years back, I was attending a friend's wedding where Sid had come too. We spoke for a brief moment and I left. Sid and I were friends in a huge group. For him it was love at first sight, but for some funny reasons, he was friend-zoned for years before I finally couldn't resist so many years of dedication. Things took their own turn and I'm his partner in crime, legally. :D”

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
“About a year.”

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?
The wedding morning look was fresh and simple. There was no make up and only eye liner on the upper lash.

My wedding look was entirely self-designed. On my wedding, I satiated Sid's fascination for a red saree but paired it up with violet and ink blue to cut the monotony. The benarasi was from Benarasi Kuthi, College Street and everything else was handpicked from local shops by me and tailored according to needs. 

For the reception party, I wore a very light sea green kanjivaram from Indian silk house and designed the blouse in contrast. My ornaments were traditional gold but my head dresses were designed especially for the occasions.

I imported a princess crown for my reception and got an Indian tiara with a European touch made by my artist cousin.”

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
“Make up by Samitavo Deb and hair by Sandhya di/ Bithi Ray from his team."

Tell us something about your photographer?
“Team Dilshaadi are good friends and did a great job with the album. I'm so happy with their work at all my wedding occasions and would recommend them for sure.”

Any special moment you want to share with us?
“I'm spoilt for choice here. I'll give you some highlights. First of all, the groom arrived driving a Mahindra Thar to the wedding. I loved the idea because what better off-roading than getting married right? The bride in the driver's seat was quite fun too. The groom and baraat had to dance with the band baaja for 1 hour outside the wedding venue because the bride's mother was dressing up.

Some friend pushed a paneer kebab through a wire stuck out of Sid's topor (headgear).

Finally, talking about THE MOMENT, I was held up in the sky during maala bodol.
No. Not near the boys' shoulders or chest but high up close to the stand of fairy lights with their hands stretched out perpendicular to the ground. Next, Sid was made to stand upright on his friends' shoulders. We were up in the sky and I was slanging the hell out of Sid for trying to take support from me up in the air. I went like "Jodu! Bhalo hobe na kintu!"

Now during shidur daan, because we were tying the knot in the early evening and I still had a long show to pull off, I had threatened my beloved to not spoil my make up with shidur. On the other side, our friends went on shouting "naake e na porle bhalobasha teke na" ("unless vermilion touches the nose, the love won't last"). Torn in between the two, my worried boyfriend took 3 turns to become my husband and yet I never looked married once the tiara was back on. I still tell him, morning shows the day, so I don't wear shidur anymore. :P
The wedding went on like a storm but we danced, boozed and jammed all night with a hall full of friends. These monsters flew down from all parts of the world because for both sides of friends, it was the first wedding of the clan. So if someone sponsors the ceremony, I would absolutely get married again! In short, my wedding with a week of pre wedding hullabaloo, was one big party that lasted long! I hope the party lasts till I do. :)”

How is a long distance marriage working out?
“It's easier said than done. It's easier for me being married to a trusted friend though and not someone new. Plus Sid stays away for a few months and then I get him without even a work call... all to myself for months.

I'd say long distance is almost physically painful at times. The heart pains. Obviously, for this kind of a relationship, you about have to be in love with yourself and your own world. Busy and occupied, you'll see time flashing by sooner.
After staying apart for a few months, I usually receive him at the airport without letting ANYONE know at home and spend a day at a resort before coming home to everyone else. We pose it like his surprise comeback :D. I mean, how many married couples would do that? Or video call each other, smile as we text in between work and write mails? To women who are into long distance relationships, if you can handle yourself with a little bit of strength for some time, that meeting at the airport can be more romantic than a standard candle light dinner. For now, I'm finding it romantic and fresh, every time he comes back and every time we miss each other. As they say, for a sailor and his girl, 10 years of marriage is actually 5.”

DeckandDine says:-

You emit such positive energy lady, which can be felt even through your pictures. I am totally awed. I can never imagine experimenting with my wedding look, but you, you totally nailed it woman. You have got your styling game on point. The choice of a lehenga complemented with a traditional red Benarasi added a touch of fusion and I absolutely loved the perfect blend of Bengali and Western elements, very sassy. You were as fresh as a daisy and as sweet as honey on your mehndi ceremony and absolutely stunning on your wedding day. You looked resplendent and seemed so relaxed and enjoyed each and every moment of the event thoroughly, unfortunately which I couldn’t, and will always regret it.

You made a very beautiful and happy bride, Ankhi and your smile says it all. There was not one moment where I didn’t see your face without a smile or a blush. 

Lastly, wishing you and Siddharth a
lifetime of love and happiness. May you always have that smile on your face. God bless! :)


P.S. If you too want to share your wedding story here,

then mail us at

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Quick and Easy Makeup Tutorial for Eid 2018

You know what is the most loved benefit of taking a social media sabbatical? It is all your messages that I receive when I get back. The love, the care that you all have for me is so immensely satisfying. I might not have a million followers, my blog might not have a million readers, but you wonderful people who have always showered your love on me, guided me, praised me, have been the driving force to my humble efforts, you all are so close to my heart. Whenever I vanish, you message or mail me, enquiring about my whereabouts and that’s what keeps me going.

Anyway, coming back to today’s post, Farhana, a reader of my blog, requested for a simple, yet glamorous Eid makeup look. I am currently having a serious ‘lack of ideas’ issue, feeling disengaged and demotivated. Moreover, my skin is not in her best mood. She is puffed up, itchy and is literally burning. So I just apologized and told her that I won’t be able to do any. I also send her a few links of my favorite Eid special looks of other bloggers. But the stubborn girl she is, she kept on badgering me for days until I finally gave in. Girl, you are very difficult, but I love it. Thanks for being there and trusting my work, thanks for loving and supporting me. 
So, Farhana, this post is for you :)

Usually I prefer doing my eyes first, so that if there are fallout, I can easily clean them off. But for this look, I have done my base before, simply because this look is more of a heavy kohl smudged eye makeup with light wash of eye shadow and I needed the perfectly done canvas before doing it. But it is totally up to you, you can do eyes first and the base later or the other way.


Start by grooming your eyebrows and setting eye lids with a skin color eye shadow.
Now take your favorite kohl and start lining the lower lash line, thicken and extend the line on the outer corner.
Take brown eyes shadow on a smudge brush and smudge the kohl. Line the waterline again to have a crisp look.
Moving on to the lid, apply a shimmery champagne on the center of your lid. You can change the lid color as per your wish. 

Take a small brush and swirl it over a dark brown eye shadow and trace it on the crease following your socket line.
Taking a lighter brown on the fluffy brush, go to and fro on the crease and outer corner.
The next step is optional, but takes the eye makeup to a completely different level. Add a thin line of glitter liner just on the inner socket line.
Apply highlighter on your brown bone and inner corner of your eyes and coats of mascara
to round off the look.


The eye shadows are from Morphe 25B palette. Kohl is Lakme Eyeconic, mascara is Benefit They’re Real and the glitter liner is Miss ClairePearl liner in 16. This glitter liner is very hard to work with... :(

REST of the MAKEUP:-
Do your base as you would usually do. Make sure you correct and conceal wherever needed. I skipped contouring and went with a swirl of peachy blush on each cheek. Also I dusted some highlighter on the bride of my nose and cheekbones. That’s my favorite part.

For lips, what else than matte red lips?

So that’s it. I hope you all like it and Farhana, I hope your ‘problem’ is solved now.. :p
Don't forget to tag me in if you recreate the look, would love to see.
Eid Mubarak everyone, enjoy the day and may your homes and hearts be filled with the joyful spirits of Eid. .. :)


Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Blushing Bride: Adhya Purkayastha

They say that the best love is unexpected, when you least expect it and with the one you can never really imagine. Such is the story of our bride today. Adhya Purakayastha, she met her husband in a hospital. Life is not always easy, but that’s what makes us strong. Isn't? And thus the feeling of reaching your arm over and feeling someone beside you when you need him the most is unparalleled, indescribable.

Lets listen to her story in her own words…

How did you guys meet?

--- We first met at Woodlands Hospital where my ailing and critically ill mother was undergoing treatment for mesenteric thrombosis. He wasn't in the team of doctors seeing my mother, yet surpassed his duties & made sure I didn't crumble under such horrid situations. I lost my mother during this but I believe it's her blessings that I found a gem of a person and my life partner at a place where you least expect it.

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
--- It took us roughly 7-8 months to plan things. One of the first things we did was to book Kenilworth Hotel Lawns for our Venue followed by the Bridal Makeup Artist and the Wedding Photographer cum Cinematographer. We planned everything on our own so it took us more time than usual.

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?
--- I chose to go the traditional way for my Wedding Day on 1st of February, 2018 and wore a dark red heavily embroidered Banarasi that we bought from Adobe Dhakeshwari Bastralay in Triangular Park. The coordinating veil was carefully selected after a lot of trials, we found the largest variety at Priyo Gopal Bishoyi in Gariahat. The groom's wedding outfit was from Gatha and the pattabastra (traditional clothes worn during the rituals) were from Kinnar Kinnari. Our shoes were from Hamlyn.

For reception, my mother in law bought a beautiful yellow, gold and fuchsia Mysore Silk from Nahata Textiles in Silchar. The saree was my husband's choice and it was love at first sight for him, I couldn't agree more as it was gorgeous without being heavy. 

My ornaments were mostly heirloom, from my mother as well as my mother-in-law. The peacock set I wore on my reception was gifted to me by my mother-in-law from P.C. Chandra Jewellers. Most of my bangles were from Tanishq and Senco Gold.

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
--- After very detailed research and many sleepless nights, I had zeroed in on Sheetal Dey Makeovers for my D Day and I was lucky that I could book her without any date issues. She did an absolutely fabulous job and I wouldn't swap her for anyone else. More than anything, her behaviour and eye for detail were something that set her apart. It was a wonderful experience.

Tell us something about your photographer?
---We zeroed down on Dilshaadi for our Wedding Photography and Videography. Though their work is brilliant, can't say the same about their quality of service and punctuality. It was a tough time coordinating with them and there wasn't much of pro activity from their end. Overall, the service left a lot to be desired and for the price we paid, we could have certainly had a better experience.

Any special moment you want to share with us?
---The most special moment from our Wedding was when we first saw each other on the Stage after 3 long days of not seeing each other except for WhatsApp Video Calls. I could almost see a parental pride in my man's eyes and something in the heart of my hearts told me that nothing & no one could protect and love me the way this man right here would - I had never felt that way before, it was exhilarating to say the least.

  Any advice you want to all the readers out there?
---- Anything permanent isn't easy and weddings come with their fair share of stress. Don't let that bog you down. We all have made through it and you shall too. Choose your Venue, Wedding Photographer and Makeup Artist wisely; make sure that the venue and photographer are the first things you zero down on once your date is fixed & be sure to formally book them. Enjoy the planning cause the months leading to your Wedding would be memories to cherish forever.

DECKandDINE says:-
She is the bride we see on magazine cover pictures. Absolutely stunning. Love the smokey eyes, love the sultriness of the look. The smokey eyes and red Benarasi combo is smashing and I just can’t take my eyes off her pictures. I love her reception look as well, classy and elegant. Also, I can’t really get over her tresses. So so beautiful.


Wishing you both a lifetime of greatest joy, love and happiness. Much love :) 


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