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I am a Chinese Language Expert, working free lance with different Chinese companies in Import Export sector. On the other hand I am an Aquaculturist and an Organic Farmer and Food Lover. 
I have always been a major food lover, loved to watch maa cook. Later in life, my work takes me places and checking out local cuisine excites me. Our blog is my way of sharing what I love about food and cooking. Be it sticking to the basics or experimenting, food attracts and excites me. 

Hailing from Kolkata, I did my Masters in Chinese Language and Literature. I am a beauty blogger since past 2 years and work as an author at http://www.wiseshe.com. Beside a crazy make-up lover, I’m a foodie and love photography and travelling. Staying away from home in hostel, I get ample of time to experiment with different products, make-up ideas, and try different home-made face pack recipes.  So here you’ll not only find ways to increase your outer beauty, but will also be able to satisfy your tum with some divine recipes that you may try at home/hostel, as we all know, outer beauty increases with inner contention. I’ll also share with you the places we visit, specially their food corners, from the street sides to the high end ones. I believe in looking and feeling my best, every time…

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If you have any ideas or questions, just write to me at madhu.9615@gmail.com
Would really love to hear from you.

Madhubani Chakraborty,
Arijit Ghosh
Dhiman Chatterjee
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