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Yesterday I reviewed Maybelline Lip gradation in PINK 2 for you and today I am back with RED 2. I didn't have any plan to wear this today and actually thought to give it a try in the next weekend. My new life at a new place and everyday classes are keeping me really busy. Though some of my colleagues come heavily decked up early in the morns, I don’t really wear any makeup to school. I keep myself as minimal as possible. But today was different, maybe because this brand new, gorgeous lip color was standing right in front of me, literally calling me. I am a sucker of red lipsticks and I couldn't resist myself from wearing this today.

So here goes the review…
Read to find out if it is a HIT or a MISS....

A double-sided lip pencil; color stick at one end and a cushiony smudger at the other. The color stick at one end will give a gorgeous pop of color while the cushion blender tool at the other end will give a sexy, graded look. The color of the pencil is similar to the color of the lip product inside.

Red 2 is a chameleon. It is actually a vivid pinkish red, but whether it will look redder or pinker, that totally depends on the light. Like on me, it is redder when I am inside the room and pinker when I am under direct sunlight. Also depending on the skin tone it can pull really pink or it can pull red. It wakes up my complexion. You can create a full, bold lip look as well as a softer, blurred version with the help of the smudger.

Texture and Finish:-
It has an amazing texture. Soft, smooth and glides like a dream. It goes without tugging or pulling. After a while it settles into a matte finish. But what I like most is that despite being a matte lipstick, it didn't feel dry. But one thing, as it has a true matte finish, lips need to be well exfoliated and moisturized before applying as this product can sink into the lip lines and show lines, chapped areas, etc.

Color Payoff and Staying Power:-
Red 2 has an awesome pigmentation and one swipe is enough for the full coverage. I swatched each shade on my hand while deciding which shades to purchase, and when I tried to rub them off about 30 seconds later, they didn’t budge a little. Red 2 stayed for about 7 hours on my lips with snacks and drinks in between. After that it left a pretty red tint behind.

Summing up my Likes and Dislikes:-

  • Sexy color
  • Soft texture
  • Feels extremely smooth and comfortable on lips
  • Gorgeous matte finish
  • Insanely pigmented. Opaque in one swipe. Cover lip pigmentation.
  • Stays long
  • Lip liner cum lipstick.
  • Travel friendly pencils

  • Nothing; just that I won’t be using the smudger anytime soon. It looks great full-on bold.

Final thoughts and verdict:-
I wasn’t bowled over with the smudger thing. The smudged effect can be created using fingers too. But it works great as an all over lipstick. We don’t get good, affordable matte lipsticks in India and this one solves the problem. Love the cream matte pencils. From full-on bold to softly blurred, your key to instant glamour is now in your vanity. So if you want a great matte lip color that comes at a good drugstore price and doesn’t make your lips feel like deserts then this range is for you



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