The Blushing Bride: Ankhi Nath

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It’s my favorite day again and I am super excited to bring you another beautiful Bengali Bride and her bridal story. This section means so much to me, not only because we are able to share stories about real life brides to give you some serious inspiration, but also because it gives me an immense pleasure to see the brides glow on their special days. The feeling I get while going through their stories, their pictures of blossoming from girl to bride is truly overwhelming.

Today on “Blushing Brides” we have a very pretty lady with us, Ankhi Nath. Her wedding had a mix of classics and trends and she was literally glowing with happiness.
Let us have a look.

How did you guys meet?
“6 years back, I was attending a friend's wedding where Sid had come too. We spoke for a brief moment and I left. Sid and I were friends in a huge group. For him it was love at first sight, but for some funny reasons, he was friend-zoned for years before I finally couldn't resist so many years of dedication. Things took their own turn and I'm his partner in crime, legally. :D”

So how long did you get to plan your entire wedding?
“About a year.”

Tell us something about where you got your outfits and accessories, both wedding and reception?
The wedding morning look was fresh and simple. There was no make up and only eye liner on the upper lash.

My wedding look was entirely self-designed. On my wedding, I satiated Sid's fascination for a red saree but paired it up with violet and ink blue to cut the monotony. The benarasi was from Benarasi Kuthi, College Street and everything else was handpicked from local shops by me and tailored according to needs. 

For the reception party, I wore a very light sea green kanjivaram from Indian silk house and designed the blouse in contrast. My ornaments were traditional gold but my head dresses were designed especially for the occasions.

I imported a princess crown for my reception and got an Indian tiara with a European touch made by my artist cousin.”

Where did you get your makeup and hair done?
“Make up by Samitavo Deb and hair by Sandhya di/ Bithi Ray from his team."

Tell us something about your photographer?
“Team Dilshaadi are good friends and did a great job with the album. I'm so happy with their work at all my wedding occasions and would recommend them for sure.”

Any special moment you want to share with us?
“I'm spoilt for choice here. I'll give you some highlights. First of all, the groom arrived driving a Mahindra Thar to the wedding. I loved the idea because what better off-roading than getting married right? The bride in the driver's seat was quite fun too. The groom and baraat had to dance with the band baaja for 1 hour outside the wedding venue because the bride's mother was dressing up.

Some friend pushed a paneer kebab through a wire stuck out of Sid's topor (headgear).

Finally, talking about THE MOMENT, I was held up in the sky during maala bodol.
No. Not near the boys' shoulders or chest but high up close to the stand of fairy lights with their hands stretched out perpendicular to the ground. Next, Sid was made to stand upright on his friends' shoulders. We were up in the sky and I was slanging the hell out of Sid for trying to take support from me up in the air. I went like "Jodu! Bhalo hobe na kintu!"

Now during shidur daan, because we were tying the knot in the early evening and I still had a long show to pull off, I had threatened my beloved to not spoil my make up with shidur. On the other side, our friends went on shouting "naake e na porle bhalobasha teke na" ("unless vermilion touches the nose, the love won't last"). Torn in between the two, my worried boyfriend took 3 turns to become my husband and yet I never looked married once the tiara was back on. I still tell him, morning shows the day, so I don't wear shidur anymore. :P
The wedding went on like a storm but we danced, boozed and jammed all night with a hall full of friends. These monsters flew down from all parts of the world because for both sides of friends, it was the first wedding of the clan. So if someone sponsors the ceremony, I would absolutely get married again! In short, my wedding with a week of pre wedding hullabaloo, was one big party that lasted long! I hope the party lasts till I do. :)”

How is a long distance marriage working out?
“It's easier said than done. It's easier for me being married to a trusted friend though and not someone new. Plus Sid stays away for a few months and then I get him without even a work call... all to myself for months.

I'd say long distance is almost physically painful at times. The heart pains. Obviously, for this kind of a relationship, you about have to be in love with yourself and your own world. Busy and occupied, you'll see time flashing by sooner.
After staying apart for a few months, I usually receive him at the airport without letting ANYONE know at home and spend a day at a resort before coming home to everyone else. We pose it like his surprise comeback :D. I mean, how many married couples would do that? Or video call each other, smile as we text in between work and write mails? To women who are into long distance relationships, if you can handle yourself with a little bit of strength for some time, that meeting at the airport can be more romantic than a standard candle light dinner. For now, I'm finding it romantic and fresh, every time he comes back and every time we miss each other. As they say, for a sailor and his girl, 10 years of marriage is actually 5.”

DeckandDine says:-

You emit such positive energy lady, which can be felt even through your pictures. I am totally awed. I can never imagine experimenting with my wedding look, but you, you totally nailed it woman. You have got your styling game on point. The choice of a lehenga complemented with a traditional red Benarasi added a touch of fusion and I absolutely loved the perfect blend of Bengali and Western elements, very sassy. You were as fresh as a daisy and as sweet as honey on your mehndi ceremony and absolutely stunning on your wedding day. You looked resplendent and seemed so relaxed and enjoyed each and every moment of the event thoroughly, unfortunately which I couldn’t, and will always regret it.

You made a very beautiful and happy bride, Ankhi and your smile says it all. There was not one moment where I didn’t see your face without a smile or a blush. 

Lastly, wishing you and Siddharth a
lifetime of love and happiness. May you always have that smile on your face. God bless! :)


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